Kelly Osbourne Seizure During Taping of E! Series ‘Fashion Police’

Kelly Osbourne Hospitalized

Kelly Osbourne was hospitalized after suffering a seizure during the taping of her E! series Fashion Police show.

According to TMZ, Kelly was sitting in a chair, in front of a full studio audience with Melissa Rivers next to her, who was filling in for Giuliana Rancic. Kelly turned to Melissa and said, “I don’t feel good,” and then she fell out of the chair and started shaking uncontrollably. Melissa then turned Kelly’s head to help her. Someone from the audience, who was reportedly a medical professional, ran up and helped.

“It happened while they were shooting ‘Fashion Police,'” a source told the Daily News. “Kelly said she wasn’t feeling well, and then Melissa said, ‘Oh my God, she’s having a seizure!’ Melissa helped put her on the floor and then lay down next to her and talked her through it.”

Kelly Osbourne’s seizure occurred inside the E! network building in Los Angeles a little before noon PST.

While she was saying she was fine a few minutes after she came to, the staff from the show wanted her to go to the hospital.

Following Kelly Osbourne’s seizure, she was taken by ambulance to a Los Angeles-area hospital. Blankets shielded the star as she was taken to the ambulance via stretcher.

It’s unknown what caused Kelly’s Osbourn to seizure, but Joan and Melissa Rivers visited her in the hospital. Joan told reporters, “She is fine. We just saw her.”

Entertainment Tonight reports that after Kelly was rushed to the hospital, her mother Sharon was seen arriving at the medical center, speaking on a cell phone and appearing concerned.

Kelly Osbourne’s condition is currently unknown.

Kelly Osbourne Hospitalized after Suffering Seizure

Kelly Osbourne was just rushed to an L.A. hospital after suffering a seizure while taping her show “Fashion Police.”

Kelly Osbourne has a seizure on set of ‘Fashion Police,’ Rushed to Hospital

Kelly Osbourne has been rushed to the hospital due to a sudden seizure while filming an episode of E!’s “Fashion Police” on Thursday.

An ambulance immediately rushed to the scene where Osbourne, 28, was taken away on a stretcher with a white sheet covering her whole body including her face to block her from any media.

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