World’s Largest Canyon Rope Swing Video Goes Viral: Watch Boyfriend Push Girlfriend off Cliff

Largest Canyon Rope Swing Video

YouTuber Devin Super Tramp, has become a viral sensation with his latest stunt, the World’s Largest Rope Swing video.

Devin Super Tramp whose real name is Devin Graham, was the daredevil behind this crazy Rope Swing video sequel to the 2012 viral hit “World’s Longest Rope Swing” and has already been viewed nearly seven million times.

Graham who says he is afraid of heights, decided to organize this video along with a group of thrill seekers.

Brian Mosbaugh wrote on his website about the experience and undertaking of this Rope Swing project, “What I originally thought would be a time of supervising and monitoring the safety of this complex project became a more involved undertaking for both Scott and I. We became directly responsible for the rigging, safety and preparation of over 15 jumpers during the course of a 2 day filming period. With great pride, no one was injured or hurt during the frigid conditions, and everyone left with a HUGE smile and greater appreciation for our creative pursuits.”

The group camped out for three days in 0 degree weather to finish the project. In a behind the scenes video of the experience, Graham explains that the rope plunges the swingers into 400 ft freefalls.

Scottie and Brian stated during the behind the scenes video that this isn’t just a rigged system. They said, “We’ve been doing this type of thing for many, many years. Rigging all the time, really knowing our systems, knowing the limitations of the gear we’re using. It’s really important to be aware of the factors and not just be doing this hap-hazardously on your own with some ghetto materials.”

Insane Rope Swing

One of the moments that’s being most talked about is when a boyfriend pushes his girlfriend off the cliff because she got cold feet and didn’t want to make the jump. You can watch the extended video below.

Devin Graham caught this moment all on video. Boyfriend Creighton Baird was trying to encourage girlfriend, Jessica Powell to jump off the cliff. Apparently, it took Creighton 45 minutes to convince his girlfriend to make the jump, but she wasn’t having it. He decided to push her off instead.

After the push, you can hear her screaming through the echo of the canyons, “I’m breaking up with you!” Meanwhile, Boyfriend Creighton Baird falls to the ground laughing hysterically. Someone asks, “Was it worth it?” He responds, “It will be worth it. Someday she’ll thank me.

Unfortunately, Devin Graham admitted that the couple later decided to split. He said: “Sadly, last week they actually did break up. It had nothing to do with getting pushed off the rope swing.”

Boyfriend pushes Girlfriend off cliff – Insane Rope Swing

Behind The Scenes – Insane Canyon Rope Swing

Insane Rope Swing – Behind the scenes by Shay Carl

Craziest rope swing you’ll ever see.

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