Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs Leak Along With Eye Tracking Auto Scroll Feature

Samsung Galaxy S4 Leaked

The March 14th unveiling is still 9 days away, but that is not stopping the constant chatter about the next phone release from Samsung. The Galaxy S4 will have all the details revealed, but a major feature may have been outed on Monday.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Features

Automatic eye scrolling. It may not sound like much, but Samsung debuted the technology on the S3. That phone has the ability to keep the screen on if it senses eyes watching the screen. The automatic screen time out will be ignored as long as you are actively looking at the phone screen.

A new possible extension of this technology is the ability to automatically scroll a page when your eyes near the bottom. This is just one feature of the technology, but we will not know for sure what else it is capable of until Samsung is able to show it off.  Samsung has filed for multiple patents that include the name Eye Scroll, Eye Pause and Samsung Eye Scroll in both the US and Europe.

A Samsung employee spoke anonymously to a source at the NY Times about the new phone. He also said the phones software was the highlight compared to new hardware specifications. Its hardware is still expected to be top of the line when it comes out.

A few leaks on the hardware have been released and all have been consistent so far. It most likely will be a 4.99″ Super AMOLED HD screen (1920×1080) with 2GB or RAM, 13MP rear camera and storage options of 16GB, 32GB and maybe 64GB. Of course it will also be running Google’s newest 4.2 Jelly Bean software.

Another change to previous rumors is expected to be the processor. Over the past month many rumors pointed to an 8 core Samsung Exynos processor. A possible change to this could have been revealed in an Antutu benchmark result.  It’s 1.8ghz quad core a15 and 1.2ghz quad core a7 coupled into one if that benchmark result is accurate. So, instead of a single 8 core processor it is a powerful quad core paired along with a lower clocked quad core unit. It is debatable if this setup will have enough performance, while still being able to draw back the power to keep the battery drain to a minimum.

Personally, I think many phones don’t require even a quad core of this type of speed to perform day to day functions without any problems. Now when users get into high end HDMI playback to large displays or towards the upper end of gaming the performance could be beneficial.

Here is a fairly odd Samsung teaser video for the S4.

The Samsung S4 packed event will be held in New York on March 14th.

Samsung UNPACKED Be ready 4 the next Galaxy

Meet Jeremy, the secret messenger of Samsung UNPACKED 2013. 14 March, 7PM, New York City Times Square.

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