Florida Sinkhole Pictures Released After Excavation Of Ceiling & Walls In Seffner

Florida Sinkhole Pictures

Everyone has been waiting for actual pictures of the sinkhole that developed under a Florida home when it literally swallowed a man in his bedroom. Finally photos of the Seffner, Florida sinkhole have been released by news helicopters flying over the house while demolition experts tried to recover belongings in the house.

The terrible tragedy happened on Thursday February 28th, 2013 at night in a Florida man’s bedroom. As the man, Jeff Bush, was watching TV at night he screamed out and his brother Jeremy Bush heard the loud noises and rushed to help his brother. Jeremey Bush tried getting into the growing sinkhole in the bedroom to save his brother but was pulled out by a local sheriff.

There were a total of five other people in the Seffner, Florida home when the sinkhole started swallowing part of the house. Everyone else made it out safe from the house but has been going through emotional turmoil as the search for Jeff Bush was stopped and the house is demolished. The top of the house has been removed around the bedroom sinkhole revealing a very dark and deep hole that goes to an unconfirmed depth. On ABCActionNews.com they stated that an excavators arm was lowered into the hole and stopped around 15 feet. The excavator operator said that the whole went much deeper and the arm stopped at 15 feet because it was plugged with debris.

You can see the Florida sinkhole pictures at the top and below from different views of this massive sinkhole that has surprised many around the world. It has been reported that another sinkhole has started to open up in Seffner as well.

Sinkhole in Florida Excavation

Florida Sinkhole 2013 Photo

Seffner FL sinkhole from above

Close Up of FL Sinkhole

Source: ABCActionNews Chopper Cam

ABC Action News Video Report

First Video of Florida Sinkhole that swallowed and killed man

Florida Sinkhole House Demolished, Man Trapped Inside, Jeff Bush, Presumed Dead

The sinkhole that has already swallowed up part of one Florida home threatens two more.

Massive Sinkhole Swallows Florida Man As He Screams For Help

A man was missing early Friday after a large sinkhole opened under the bedroom of a house near Tampa and his brother says the man screamed for help before he disappeared.

The 36-year-old man’s brother told rescue crews he heard a loud crash around 11 p.m. Thursday, then heard his brother screaming for help.

“When he got there, there was no bedroom left,” Hillsborough County Fire Rescue spokeswoman Jessica Damico said. “There was no furniture. All he saw was a piece of the mattress sticking up.”

The brother called 911 and frantically tried to help his brother. An arriving deputy pulled the brother from the still-collapsing house.

There’s been no contact with the man since then and neighbors on both sides of the Seffner home have been evacuated.

“We put engineering equipment into the sinkhole and didn’t see anything compatible with life,” Damico said. But Damico would not say that the man is presumed dead.

Damico said that at the surface, she estimates the sinkhole is about 30 feet across but officials say the sinkhole spreads to about 100 feet across below the surface.

“The entire house is on the sinkhole,” Damico said.

Engineers arrived at the scene later in the morning and began working to get measurements of how wide and deep the sinkhole is. From the outside, there were no cracks or visible signs of damage to the home. The front door was open, but taped off.

Janell Wheeler told the Tampa Bay Times she was inside the house with four other adults, a child and two dogs when the sinkhole opened.

“It sounded like a car hit my house,” she said.

It was dark. She remembered screams and one of her nephews rushing to rescue his brother, trapped in the debris.

Wheeler’s house was condemned. The rest of the family went to a hotel but she stayed behind with her dog, sleeping in her car.

“I just want my nephew,” she said through tears.

“I Tried Digging Him Out” Man Describes His Brother Being Swallowed Alive By Sink Hole In Florida

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