Female Kicker Suffers Apparent Injury While Trying Out for the NFL

Lauren Silberman First Kicker Tryout NFL

While many consider football to be a man’s sport, one person not only disagrees with that statement but attempted to back up her opinion Sunday at the New York Jets facility. Lauren Silberman became the first female to try out for the NFL sponsored tryout at the New York/New Jersey Regional Scouting Combine as a kicker. Silberman told ABC News that, “It would be a lifelong dream come true.” She also said that she hopes her powerful foot will be enough to impress the scouts so they would offer an invite to NFL training camp and try out as a kicker. However, after attempting two kickoffs, her historic bid tragically came to an end due to suffering a leg injury.
Lauren Silberman, a 28-year-old resident from New York City as well as being a former club soccer player, decided to try out for the position of a placekicker during the NFL Regional Scouting Combine. The combine is one of ten regional combines that allows those to participate that were not invited to Indianapolis. Last week, Silberman talked to USA Today and told them that, “I saw the opportunity and had to go for it. I love football, new experiences, and wanted to take the chance to learn more about the training process that leads to a successful NFL career. It was a bit of a surprise to some but mostly just an outcry of ‘That’s my girl! (and) “You go, Silbs!’ … My family and friends seem to be getting a kick out of this.”

Silberman was struggling and pulled up lame after her first kick as she apparently aggravated a quad injury she sustained while training last week. The kick only traveled a distance of 16 yards that barely crossed over midfield at the indoor training facility. She ended up landing awkwardly as well as hobbling a bit while the ball ended up on the 49-yard line.
After her first attempt, Silberman paused and took some time to regroup as she examined her leg. Though she had some difficulty teeing up the ball, Silberman finally got the ball to stay and decided to back up six yards from the ball before making the kick. The second attempt was unfortunately worse than her first as the ball only traveled 14 yards. Before attempting a third kick, she motioned to a combine official and asked if she could consult a trainer. Silberman ended up walking off to the sideline with a member of the training staff after having a brief consultation. She would then be escorted ten minutes later to the side of the field as her undisclosed injury was to be evaluated.

It was after she walked with her trainer and combine officials through the team cafeteria that Silberman told reporters that, “Gonna try again.” Though she came back onto the field, it was apparent that she was walking with a noticeable limp. Silberman headed back to the sideline and was also joined by 6-foot-8 Jesse Scott from Division II North Carolina at Pembroke. She also ended pulling up lame. Silberman tried to convince a combine official to let her attempt another kick as she told him that she was confident she can do it. The official, after advising her that she should take things slow, told her it was her decision and cautioned her not to make her injury worse. Ultimately, she could not continue. Though she came up short, Silberman gave it her best and some onlookers commented on how impressed they were for her trying to accomplish her dream. Former NFL punter Sean Landeta commented that, “I give her points for giving it a shot.”

Lauren Silberman Becomes First Female to Try Out for NFL

Lauren Silberman: First Woman Ever to Compete At NFL Combine

Lauren Silberman, a former club soccer player, is set to make history as the first woman to compete in the NFL Regional Scouting Combine. She says kicking in the NFL is a lifelong dream, and her goal at the combine is to kick perfect 60 yard field goals.

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