HP Ready to Dive into the Tablet World with the Slate 7

HP Slate 7

In the technology saturated world we live in today where Smart phones, Laptops, and tablets are the top tech gadgets, companies routinely joust for the accolade of being our modern day technology giant. Most people are already aware of the popular devices like tablets that Apple, Samsung, and Google have produced over the last few years and with thinner more powerful tablets in the market today, it has become a very competitive field to break through in.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is set to break into the tablet world with the announcement of their HP Slate 7. This will be the companies first major tablet release since the failed Touch-pad tablet which was actually the byproduct of a very disastrous acquisition of the Palm back in 2010.

The headline for the Slate 7 is not the specs of the device which are pretty normal to me, but rather the price that HP has set for this 7 inch tablet. It may appear in an effort for HP to become popular in the tablet market, they have priced their newest device at $169. Which will be the lowest price tablet around. The price of the Slate 7 is nearly half the cost of the iPad mini, but only $30 cheaper than the vastly popular and powerful Google Nexus 7.

The Slate 7 will have a 7 inch screen, 1.6 GHz dual-core processor, 1024×600 resolution, and 8 gigabytes of storage. The specs of the device are not all that impressive according to several analyst, and the Slate 7′ weight of 13-ounces is actually heavier and less powerful than tablets like the Nexus 7, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

The HP Slate 7 tablet will also include Beats Audio speakers, a micro-USB port, a soft-touch rubber back.

Omar Javaid, HP’s VP of product told Mashable, “We wanted to keep the best parts of Android, and only improve or make tweaks to what we knew we could make better.”

However, there are some features on the Slate 7 that may have users in anticipation to buy one. The device will have the famous beats audio built into the tablet, along with the being powered by the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system according to NY Times.

Google services will be offered on this tablet along with access to apps and digital content through Google Play. For the photographer in you, there will be cameras on both sides of the seven-inch screen to enhance your tablet experience.

HP mentioned that they expect American sales of the Slate 7 to begin in April, 2013.

HP dives into Android with the Slate 7 tablet

HP’s tablet is cheaper than Google’s 7-inch gadget, but does it compromise on quality? We go hands-on.

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