Playstation 4 Controller and Console Specs Unveiled by Sony at New York Event

Playstation 4 Console

With the New Year rolling right along, the gaming industry is getting a few steps closer to welcoming another new video game console to the market. Even though Sony has not officially announced a release date for the much anticipated PlayStation 4, they did provide several updates and details about what the new system will provide its buyers at a New York event on Wednesday Feb. 20.

“This will be the most powerful platform ever, our main goal was to architect the system so as to support a breadth of experiences and we believe we have done so,” Sony Computer Entertainment president and CEO Andrew House said.

The heart of the PlayStation 4 will be its new powerful internal layout and memory as it will come equipped with a supercharged” x86 processor, a PC-style graphics processor, and eight gigabytes of RAM. The controller is not too much different from the PS3 controller which is good for comfort and familiarity purposes, but it is much more dynamic with a few new features to it as well.

I think it’s kind of interesting that the new DualShock 4 controller sports a touch pad that is actually right dead center of the controller. The top of the controller has the usual LED lights that identifies when a player is connected. When you take a look at the bottom of the controller there will be a small headphone jack for connecting a headset. Along with this the system will sort of mirror the motion sensory movement of the Xbox Kinect, as the PS4 will feature a built-in camera.

As social media continues to be the main source of connecting with friends, the PS4 looks to give users a unique perspective of combing social interaction with gaming. The PS4 controller will now feature a “share button”, when activated users can share clips of the last few minutes of their game play and even broadcast real-time game play to friends according to CNN.

With this share button it gives users and their friends more ability to communicate with each other via gaming, and in some instances Sony has found a way where a user can actually remotely take over friends games.

“Our goal is to make the sharing of video on PS4 as popular as the sharing of screenshots is today,” House said.

He also went on to mention that the PS4 will radically reduce the lag time between players and their content by having a system that will utilize a “suspend mode” which keeps the console in a low power state while preserving game sessions according to Computer.

Some experts are saying that the biggest feature that Sony announced at the event was that users will be able to stream PS4 games to the handheld PS Vita. Along with that Sony is looking to become even more dominate by enabling cloud gaming, which allow users to play every title on any system, streamed from remote servers.

The company was all about the details with their event yesterday, it is most likely that they will debut the actually system during the E3 video game conference in June. Like I mentioned before the company did not set a firm release date but just mentioned that it will be release for the 2013 holiday season, so look for it around November-December.

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