Winter Storm will impact 60 million People in the Midwest

Winter Storm Q

This winter has been anything but normal throughout the country with unusual weather patterns, mid-January tornado threats, crazy blizzards, and now another sever winter storm that looks to cover basically the entire Midwest. It is estimated that this current storm which is being called winter storm “Q” may affect close to 60 million individuals living in the central part of the United States.

The odd thing about this storm is that it has shown effects in some of the warmest states in the country, which include the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico and Southern California where a few inches of snow covered the landscapes.  A few residents of Arizona weigh in on the unusual nature of seeing snow covering their state.

“I’ve been here for over 10 years and I’ve never seen it snow like this,” Tucson, Arizona native Kayla Avery tells CNN.

“There is more snow on the ground in Tucson today than I have seen in over 30 years living here,” Carrie Tucker said.

The states in the Mid-West are currently under winter weather warnings, watches, and advisories with one particular state being right in the eye of the storm. Residents of Doge City, Kansas have been advised to brace themselves and to avoid traveling at all cost as the city is right in the path of a huge snowfall.

“Doge City is in the middle of a bull’s eye, in fact the entire state of Kansas should see 16-18 inches of snow,” CNN Meteorologist Chad Myers said.

As you might have guessed, there have been several flight delays and cancellations throughout many of the major airports in the Midwest, along with that hundreds of school closing continues to pure into local news stations. This storm has many different avenues to it which makes it even more dangerous; along with snow freezing rain has already started to cover my home city of St. Louis causes very slick road conditions. A few hours from St. Louis in the cities of Springfield and Branson, MO they are getting prepared for a major ice storm.

“There’s going to be a monster ice storm over Springfield and Branson, Missouri, about an inch of ice coating everything. Power lines will be coming down, trees will be coming down,” CNN iReporter Doug Simonton said.

Along with snow, ice, and freezing rain the storm also will also develop torrential rains and tornadoes along the Gulf Coast. Torrential rains are expected to dump 2 to 6 inches of rain over New Orleans and Montgomery, Alabama which may lead to significant river flooding, from today until late Friday evening.

If you are anywhere in the storm path please be careful and heed warnings from area officials.

Powerful Winter Storm Across U.S.

Tornados, Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Rare Winter Storms

Snow and Ice for Central U.S.

February 21, 2013 – Winter Storm Q will will bring heavy snow and freezing rain to parts of the Midwest.

Severe Weather Threat from Winter Storm Q

The southern part of Winter Storm Q could bring stormy conditions to parts of the South today.

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