Lil Wayne Still Mad at the Miami heat, Fires Verbal Attacks at James, Wade, Bosh

Lil Wayne Anti Miami Heat Rant

The sporting world and the music world are easily saturated into our daily lifestyle no matter if we like it or not, and when it comes to big sporting events such as the Superbowl, the World Series and several All-Star games the two platforms usually collide. Such has been the case recently at the NBA All-Star this past weekend, which saw tremendous talent and great musical performances.Lil Wayne Miami Heat Rant

Even though music and sports go hand and hand most of the time, and sometimes players want to be rappers and rappers want to be players, there are cases were either side has a feud with the other, Lil Wayne and the Miami heat are in such a feud.

If you don’t know already Lil Wayne, the Louisiana native, is a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan, and recently has felt mistreated by both the Miami heat organization and the three key players on the squad,( Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh) when he sits court side at several heat games.

Wayne put on a small concert with fellow rappers Drake and Birdman during the NBA All-Star weekend, in which he vocally expressed his frustration with the heat in more ways than one. Wayne was recently at a Miami heat game against his beloved Lakers, when he was reportedly kicked out of the building by the police according to Entertainment.

A few hours after the issue happen Wayne took to twitter to clearly voice his opinion on the issue, and had something to say about members of the heat as well.

“So I’m @ da Heat game right, rootin 4 da Lakers kuz dats my team & would u believe they got police 2 make me leave?! Wow! F–k da Heat,” Wayne tweeted

He also wanted to point out three players on the heat in particular in James, Wade, and Bosh and express his true feeling towards them.

“Them n—-s never speak to a n—-, they don’t chuck me the deuce or nothing, N—- spent all that money on them f—ing tickets at least Come holla at me. We sit right by them little b—- a– n—-s, At least come ask me why I’m not rooting for you,” Wayne tweeted. 

It appears all his emotions carried over to the concert during that All-Star weekend and he once again wanted to make sure he let everyone know how he felt about the Miami heat and the three key players on the team.

He took to the microphone and explained to the crowd how it’s the heat fault that he has been banned from all games, then proceeded to lead the crowd in a chant saying when I say f**k you say NBA! when I say f**k you say Miami heat!  After that he proceeded to yell to the crowd F–k LeBron, f–k She-Wade, f–k Chris Bosh, f–k all of them ni–as, man, and and and I f—ed Chris Bosh’s wife,”

Wayne’s rant prompted Bosh wife Adrienne to respond, she responded by saying what goes around comes back around, she also retweeted close friends reactions of the situation.

“Some people attack those who have the peace & joy they wish they had! Pay them no mind! Live your dream, strut & wave,” Actress Gabrielle Union who is dating Wade tweeted.

“Truth prevails today stand in your truth and ignore the chatter around and about you…. Some people create hate for profit, and some people create love for free. Pay no mind to the haters, embrace the love…. They will never bring me down,” Unknown

Lebron James also had a little feedback in response as he posted a note on instagram which read:

“Just know that when you’re hot something cold will try to ignite themselves off of you to try to stay relevant, don’t even engage” #Dontlookbackwards #Pushforward

Even though it sure looks like Wayne has crossed the line in saying that he slept with Chris Bosh wife, according to NY Daily News it may be accurate. Adrienne Bosh used to be a model for SMOOTH magazine and actually had the nickname of “Short Stack” while modeling. During her modeling days it reported she had a very short-lived fling with Lil Wayne before allegedly scamming him out of a whole lot of money.

Adrienne apparently told Wayne she had cancer and needed financial support for the treatment, Wayne payed the bill but she would disappear to never see him again.

So after hearing this story does this change your perspective of Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne: I F***ed Chris Bosh’s Wife!

Lil Wayne LOST IT on stage in Houston last night, going off on the NBA and the Miami Heat because they supposedly “banned” him from NBA events. And at the end of the rant he slipped in one, tiny detail… that he banged Chris Bosh’s wife!

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