Ireland Lane Recovering from Mysterious Shirt Fire in Oregon Hospital

Ireland Lane Catches Fire

Have you heard a story recently that made you think man that is so unfair, unlucky, and wonder why sometimes bad things happen to good people? There has been a story circulating around that seems to combine the state of being unlucky, mysterious and have people feeling sorry for the individual.

A story was reported several weeks ago about an 11 year old Portland, Oregon cancer survivor named Ireland Lane. While in her hospital room painting a wooden box, her shirt somehow caught on fire prompting her to get up screaming and running into the hospital hallway where staff members extinguished the flames off the little girl.

“I’ve been in medicine going back 30 years now and never heard anything like this. And hopefully I never will again,” Dr. Stacy Nicholson, physician-in-chief at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital said.

The cause of the fire is still unknown; however authorities are saying that Ireland mentioned that she used some hand sanitizer to clean a table that she was using to paint a wooden box for a gift she was planning on giving to her nurses. A spokesman for the Oregon State Fire Marshal told ABCNews that they are investigating if the hand sanitizer and static electricity could have sparked the fire.

“We are anxiously awaiting the findings and will certainly make adjustments if the cause was preventable,” Dr. Nicholson said.

Ireland had been hospitalized for an unrelated head injury and was set to be release from the hospital the night of the fire, but instead she has been undergoing treatment for third-degree burns on her chest, neck, arms and earlobes at Legacy Oregon Burn Center according to Yahoo. She is currently listed in serious condition and it just so happens that she is scheduled to undergo a second skin graft Thursday, Feb. 21 which will be her 12th birthday.

Her father, Stephen Lane mentioned to reporters that his little girl is still having pretty bad dreams, but does not remember or recall getting up and screaming when her shirt was on fire. On the other hand Stephen recalls everything because he was actually in her room sleeping when it happened.

“I can handle all of it, I’m a dad and I’m supposed to, but I just hate seeing my girl so unhappy stuck in a hospital again,” Stephen Lane said.

Even though she may be unlucky and struck with sadness, her dad says she somehow still walks around with a smile on her face and enjoys the things of the day that are going on.

“To me she is pretty amazing, she’s quite a tough one she’s been through more than any child I’ve ever heard of,” Stephen Lane said.

As little Ireland gets ready to undergo another surgery, here is to hoping things go good and she continues to have a speedy recovery.

Girl Catches FIRE at Oregon Hospital

Ireland Lane, 11, was being treated for a head injury when her shirt mysteriously caught fire.

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