Widow Elsie Smith Sells Everything to Bury Husband

Elsie Smith Estate Sale

When it comes to elderly people in our society they are sometimes viewed in many different ways both positive and negative from everyday people. Elderly people just like everyone else in the world needs help sometime in their life, whether it’s achieving goals you set out for yourself, or needing help to handle financial situations. For a 91 year old widow, she is trying to keep a promise she made to her late husband, but the lack of income has put up a big obstacle for her to try and navigate through.

Arlington, Washington native Elsie Smith, made a promise a very long time ago to her husband, in which he asked to be buried instead of cremated when he dies. Her husband Joe Smith just recently passed away at the age of 88, he had been suffering from the dangerous disease of Alzheimer’s for the past two years according to Yahoo. The two of them had been married for an amazing 46 and a half years and actually met through Elsie’s niece’s husband, who was a co-worker of his at the time.

“I loved that man more than anything in this whole wide world,” Elsie said.

She is still very committed to holding true to her promise to bury her husband, but unfortunately she only has a total of $9 to her name, which is an extremely long way to try and pay for her husband funeral estimated to cost around $3,000.

“I would like to get some help in any way that I possibly can,” Elsie said.

To try and make some more money Elsie is selling nearly everything in her house during an estate sale, except a few treasured possessions like her picture of Jesus, her husband wedding ring, her makeup, and her clothes.

“I’d like to keep everything, but I have to sell it,” Elsie said.

Elsie mentioned that her late husband’s niece will be helping her with the estate sale which should be sometime next week. Elsie also mentioned to reporters at ABC News that she wants to bury her husband in the same cemetery as their family members in Snohomish, Wash, and that one day she would like to be buried there as well.

Since the story broke over the weekend, it has filled social media networks including Facebook, which the story link has seen close to 3,000 comments majority of them wanting to help and donate some money to Elsie. There is an address throughout the comments that have been re-post a lot which is believed to be the correct place to send donations, the address is:


Wash Widow 91 Plans Estate Sale So She Can Afford to Bury Husband

A 91-year-old Arlington, Wash., widow is selling all of her belongings so she can afford to bury her late husband.

Elsie Smith told ABCNews she is hoping that by selling all of her possessions through an estate sale, she can bury her husband in the same cemetery as their family members in Snohomish, Wash.

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