Elaine Cook Bites Off Boyfriend’s Tongue After Valentine’s Day Argument

Bites Off Boyfriend's Tongue

A Valentine’s day argument lead to a man getting his tongue bite off by his girlfriend in Chicago.

Elaine Cook, 51-years old and her boyfriend went out for a Valentine’s date and when they returned back to her apartment, the two got into an argument.

Cook asked him to leave and according to the Assistant State’s Attorney Eve Reilly, the 47-year old man, put on his shoes and started to head out the door when he tried to make piece with her. “He told her they should stop fighting and went to kiss her,” Reilly said, “and she bit off a large portion of his tongue.”

He then ran to the kitchen sink with Cook following him. She threw the piece of detached tongue on the counter. He was able to keep his senses together and put the piece of tongue in a bag of ice and call 911, prosecutors said.

Paramedics took Cook’s boyfriend by ambulance to nearby Evanston Hospital, but doctors could not reattach the tongue due to “inadequate blood supply,” Reilly said.

It’s reported the couple had been dating for ten months.

When the Chicago Tribune contacted the man by phone, he said he was having problems sleeping at night and has several stitches in his mouth. He told the paper, “Obviously, talking is not the best thing to do right now. But at least I can talk. It’s just sad. The whole thing.” He went to say that he doesn’t want to see her life get ruined by going to jail. “It makes me sick to my stomach that she’s sitting in jail right now, but it’s just out of my hands. I have to focus on getting better now.” He asked not to be identified.

Cook has been charged with aggravated domestic battery and was ordered held in lieu of $100,000 bail on Sunday.

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