Harlem Shake Dance Videos Go Viral on YouTube: Baauer Hits No 3 on iTunes

Harlem Shake Baauer

The Harlem Shake has become a hit among YouTube. What started back in the 1980’s in New York’s Harlem and spread to music videos of the day, has now made a comeback.

The Harlem Shake song released by a producer from Brooklyn, New York Baauer (Harry Rodrigues). It was released as a digital download on January 8, 2013 by Mad Decent and has since then rose to No. 3 on iTunes.

Billboard is expecting the song to rise even higher next week, as iTunes recently sent the song to the frontpage. In turn, has sent the song to No. 3 on the iTunes chart by Thursday morning, where it remains behind Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” and Rihanna’s “Stay.”

“That’s enough to make “Harlem Shake” the biggest thing we’ve released on Mad Decent as a label and it’s happened within six days,” says Jasper Goggins, label manager of Mad Decent. “It’s really crazy. Every 15 minutes my mind is blown by something else.”

What started off with YouTube personality Filthy Frank on his DisastaMusic channel on Feb. 2, featuring four mens in various unitards and masks posting a video of this Harlem Shake dance. Which is now considered the official Harlem Shake dance in the YouTube world. A dance where anything goes, has a basic template that has been spoofed over 3,000 times.

The Harlem Shake dance starts off slow, with one person in a large group moving while everyone else goes about their day. Then the song really kicks in, and it goes nuts. No one is standing still, but no two people are moving the same way. Instead, each person has chosen one move, making the Harlem Shake something of a flash mob style of dance.

The formula for the Harlem Shake video is as follows:

  • One person — often a helmeted man gently hip-thrusting — enjoys the sweet beats of Harlem Shake by Baauer in a roomful of oblivious people.
  • Then, the bass drops. Jump cut.
  • Everyone is Harlem Shaking, flailing, jumping and punching an inflatable giraffe.

“The meme (of the Harlem Shake) is very easy to participate in — all you need is some basic video editing skills and a group of people who are game to participate. A motorcycle helmet helps too,” said Oliver Wang, a music/pop-culture writer and scholar based in Southern California who has written for NPR and the Oakland Tribune. “But the impact, the payoff, is fun and pleasurable to watch,” he said. “I think the meme-ness has partially to do with the pleasures of dancing yourself silly but doing so in a way here where being silly is the point.”

Since last Thursday, Feb. 7, INDmusic and YouTube’s automated ContentID have manually and automatically claimed over 4,000 user-uploaded videos featuring the song totaling over 30 million views by the afternoon of Feb. 14, according to YouTube’s Vivian Lewit, director of music content partnerships, as reported by Billboard. Content ID allows rights holders to receive reference files on content they own, metadata describing that content and policies to help them choose what they want YouTube to do with that content; monetize, track, or block it once they find videos that match.

“As we’ve seen with overwhelming regularity, partners can monetize these uploads. The piece of content could have been monetizing from the ContentID match the minute these uploads began,” Lewit says.

Harlem Shake (ORIGINAL)

People were asking for the full version of the Harlem Shake, so here it is. Plus, it deserves it’s own video.
SONG NAME: Harlem Shake – Baauer

The Harlem Shake Dance

Harlem Shake Videos

Harlem Shake Dance Takes Over Internet

The Harlem Shake dance craze is spreading all over the internet. But is it really the “Harlem Shake” dance? Does it matter? Internet sensations don’t need to make sense, right?

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