Bitter Barista Matt Watson Fired for Blog Mocking Customers

Bitter Barista Fired

Known as the Bitter Barista, Matt Watson was fired from his job at All City Coffee in Seattle, Washington. Actually Matt Watson isn’t all that bitter of a person, it’s just the name of his blog.

Bitter Barista

The Bitter Barista is a collection of funny and sometimes crude thoughts a barista has while working and taking orders all day. If you’ve ever worked in customer service, I think you would find the blog funny and could probably relate. With posts like “Yes, coffee is expensive. But you’re more than welcome to go to Ethiopia and get it yourself.” Or “I would remember your usual drink if you were a more memorable person.”

To quote a few more, “If you write a zero on a credit card tip, don’t draw a line through it. We get it already.” Or “If your coffee order takes more than 20 seconds to say, you’ve forfeited your right to complain about the price.”

Not sure if this is a new thing since being fire, but there is a Disclaimer on the entry page of Matt Watson’s Bitter Barista blog stating:

By entering this site, I affirm the following statements are true:
-I understand what satire is
-I will not take this site literally
-I am not a comment troll
-I don’t believe everything I read
-I have a f***ing sense of humor

Bitter Barista Seattle

The Bitter Barista blog owner, Matt Watson tried to keep it anonymous and quiet, but “The website blew up the first week and made rounds on the coffee circuit,” Watson says. “I always kept it anonymous, not to get my boss or the company in trouble.”

Sprudge wrote in a post revealing Matt Watson’s identity behind the blog of the Bitter Barista, “There’s a lot of anger in this blog… it should be the stuff of mild parody, not an all-out assault on whomever walks through the door of your cafe.”It wasn’t until another coffee site called, which writes about “coffee news and frothy gossip” decided to reveal the identity of the site’s author. Though, it didn’t take much investigating to confirm that the man behind the Bitter Barista blog was that of a barista at Seattle’s All City Coffee in the Georgetown neighborhood.

Sprudge editor Jordan Michelman said he noticed some of the website’s followers on social media were mentioning Watson’s tweets and that they portrayed baristas in a negative light.

“I thought Sprudge would like my work, but I guess they didn’t ” said Watson. “They said only some satirical work is acceptable and they linked their own website.”

While Watson’s employers didn’t find the blog to be very humorous, that was the least of it. Time stamps indicated Matt was posting while he was on the clock at the coffee shop, which goes against most company policies.

Watson said now that he has free time, he’ll focus on a career as an aspiring hip-hop artist with the name Spekulation.

Bitter Barista Fired: Matt Watson

Matt Watson, 30, had plenty of similar demands in his 2.5 years serving caffeinated drinks at All City Coffee in Seattle, Wash., until he was fired. Watson recently started a website called Bitter Barista that posts all of his tweets of satirical content regarding customers.

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