North Korea Nuclear Bomb Registers As 4.9 Earthquake

North Korea Nuclear Bomb 4.9 Earthquake

There are a lot of assumptions going into this but everyone is pretty much certain that North Korea has detonated a nuclear bomb. A 4.9 magnitude earthquake was detected at 10:57am local Korean time near one the location of the DPRK’s previous nuclear test sites. The exact location that the USGS is reporting the explosion to have happened is 24km ENE of Sungjibaegam, North Korea.

Earlier today CNN said that North Korea had promised the world that, “all out action” would be unleashed with a nuclear test on Tuesday. An official from the United States told CNN, “I don’t think there’s anything special to it, except that it comes in context of renewed trash-talking from Pyongyang. But on whole it’s part and parcel of their threats to engage in more provocations.”

In recent months Pyongyang has showed aggression towards UN sanctions and determined to test long range missiles. With the combination of successful long range missile tests and this next nuclear bomb test, it shows North Korea is on a path to confrontation with the new leadership.

The power of the nuclear explosion blast has had some people guess at how much kilotons the device had. One tweet by Jeffrey Lewis @ArmsControlWonk stated in a tweet, “Mb 4.9. 10 kilotons, maybe more.” Just 4 minutes ago Reuters confirmed in a tweet, “United Nations security council diplomat says there has been a nuclear test in North Korea #BREAKING.”

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