Family in Washington Receives Discount on Restaurant Bill for “Well Behaved Kids”

Discount at Restaurant for Well Behaved Kids

There was a story a week ago about an Applebee’s waitress that took a picture of a church pastor’s receipt because of the insulting note she left. The waitress got fired, the pastor took some serious hit and both caused a huge debate on the Internet and on television as well. Fast forward to this week and we once again have another restaurant receipt incident; however this one is a positive and rewarding story about a family of five.

Laura King, her man and their three kids ages 2,3, and 8 were having a nice family dinner at Sogno di Vino, a small Italian restaurant in Poulsbo, Washington, when their bill came they were pleasantly surprised and felt really good about themselves.

The reason was because they actually received a discount on their bill for get this “Well Behaved Kids”, sounds a little crazy huh.

“We have not received a discount for our children’s behavior prior to this, but we have been complimented on numerous occasions regarding our kid’s demeanor and behavior,” King said.

The family also got free ice cream on top of their discounted bill, now it’s not typical at all for this restaurant to just give discounts to families with well-behaved kids and its actually the first time they have done so.

The owner of the restaurant Rob Scott did mention on NBC Today Show the he tries to reward good behavior when he sees it, he often offers free desserts to families with well-behaved children.

“Their children were extremely polite, remembered to say please and thank you, and stayed seated during their visit, it’s something that doesn’t always happen when hungry kids are waiting for a meal,” Scott said.

King mentioned that their discipline starts at home and what follows is well behaved kids in public. The family is quite comfortable going out to various restaurants as she explained that they take the kids out to dinner at least once a week varying the different types of restaurants each time. The good thing about this is that the family is not looking for praise or any reward; they are just being a family.

“We don’t expect rewards or handouts for acting respectful of the folks who bring us our food, but it certainly makes you feel good when someone else notices your kids in a positive light,” King wrote in her blog.

Laura use to work the front of house in the restaurant industry prior to having children, so she may know how it feels to serve big families with young kids according to Yahoo.

With all types of negative stories happening on a day to day basis, there are still a handful of positive stories like this one happening as well.

Family gets a “good kid” discount at a restaurant

A family got a four-dollar restaurant discount for having well-behaved children.

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