Diana Lopez Racy Photos Get Her Demoted At Tucson Police Department

Diana Lopez PhotosWhat sounds like something that could be been highly inappropriate is turning out to be a privacy issue and a lawsuit for a police officer at the Tucson Police Department. Lieutenant Diana Lopez was demoted from public information officer position to sergeant after it was discovered she had texted racy photos.

Ms. Lopez’s racy photos and videos were seen by at least thirteen other policeman on the Tucson Police force. It has been said that the photos contained nudity and also included a picture of Diana Lopez in a Tucson Police Dept. t-shirt and possibly a uniform. All of the accused pictures are only allegations at this point as an internal investigation turned up no pictures of videos.

The videos and pictures on Diano Lopez’s previous boyfriend’s cell phone have been said to be deleted. The pictures were sent from May 2011 to August 2011 and things are getting more serious now that Ms. Lopez has acquired a lawyer named Michael Piccarreta. Mr. Piccarreta is looking at options of a civil lawsuit and possibly even appealing the demotion at the Tucson Police Department to sergeant.

The website Police Magazine said that the Assistant Chief Kathleen Robinson said in the disciplinary report that Diana Lopez used, “extremely poor judgment in sending these images, undermining her credibility as a commander.”  It hasn’t been reported whether two other women from the Tucson Police department have been punished for also appearing in the provocative and racy photos.

People on local websites from Arizona have mostly expressed how irritated they are the Diana Lopez’s privacy has been violated. Many people feel that Ms. Lopez is free to send any pics or videos that she likes in her own private time to whoever she wants. On KVOA Mr. Roger Erwin stated, “As I understand it, she privately sent the pictures to her boyfriend, and then he showed them to others. Demote him, but why her? Unless there are regulations that prohibit the relationship or she was taking those pictures while on duty, I say, leave her alone.” Another person named Gayle Civale said, “I think what people do in their own time is their business.”

At this point Diana Lopez has been put through the ringer for texting private photos and videos to her boyfriend. The lawyer thinks he has a case to defend Ms. Lopez. What do you think?

Arizona Police Officer Demoted Over Racy Pics

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