Fall Out Boy Returns in 2013 After Three Year Hiatus

Fall Out Boy 2013

Music has a special ability to provide people with excitement, happiness, sadness, and just some good old fashion love. People will always have their favorite genre(s) of music, their favorite artist, their favorite song and their favorite Band. What comes to mind when someone says “fall out boy” to you? For me personally I immediately think of popular songs like “Dance Dance”, “I Don’t Care”, and “This ain’t a scene”.

I use too love these guys until they seemed to pull a disappearing act after their very successful 2008 album Folie a Deux, I still listen to their music and was happily surprised to hear the Band is actually getting back together.

“I told you we were gonna come back!” Fall out Boy lead singer Patrick Stump said to an electrifying packed crowd in Chicago.

It is true after a three-year hiatus the band has gotten back together and has started what will be a string of small arena events which kicked off  at a narrow, sweaty confine Chicago’s Subterranean club in which they performed around 20 different songs according to Rolling Stone.

Fall out Boy bassist Pete Wentz mentioned that the main reason the band is getting back together is because the timing and music is just right now, and that three years ago that was not the case.

“I think we all needed a break, we toured non-stop for seven years all over the world. There was no real plan with the break up; we just needed to figure ourselves out in being creative and our personal lives. We never thought it would end up being as big of a deal as it was,” Wentz said in a statement.

Since the band took a break after 2008 Wentz, Stump and the rest of the fall out boy members have been doing solo music. Stump actually put out his solo album Soul Punk, Wentz Reggae style music including new songs, Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley even formed the band the Dammed things.

So there is no question that over the last three years, each member of the band has been keeping up with their skills and they are all ready to fuse together once again and begin a new chapter of the fall out boy chronicles.

What better way to get your fans excited that you are back than with a new Album.  Fall out Boy will release their newest album “Save Rock n Roll” on May 7th according to Billboard.

“This will be the best album we ever made, it doesn’t sound like the other fall Out boy albums, but it sounds exactly like fall out boy in 2013,” Wentz said.

2013 looks to be the year fall out boy fans have been looking forward too and if their small show in Chicago is any indication of the band’s chemistry and energy then watch out for these boys, it should be a very successful spring.

Fall Out Boy Reunites, Looks to Save Rock and Roll

Fall Out Boy has announced their return with an album and a tour.

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