Dr. Oz Flat Belly Plan: 4 Steps to Follow in Diet Plan

Flat Belly Diet Plan

Dr. Oz has put together a team of three experts to analyze his flat belly plan and also to give their suggestions to having a more flat belly.

Dr. Oz teamed up with Flat Belly Diet author Liz Vaccariello, nutritional biochemist Dr. Shaw Talbott and 8 Minute Abs creator Jaime Brenkus to come up with this plan designed to tackle your belly fat without making you feel hungry.Dr. Oz Flat Belly Plan

“This is a plan designed specifically to target belly fat, it is 1600 calories, and it offers you a lot of food so you’re not going to feel hungry. That way, you can keep on this program―if you want―for as long as you want,” says Dr. Oz.

“When we want to target belly fat specifically, it’s about eating a certain kind of fat,” says Ms. Liz Vaccareillo author of a bestselling weight loss book titled “Flat Belly Diet.”

“The stress hormone cortisol really can signal your brain that you are hungry and then specifically signal your belly fat cells to store fat, so whenever we are under stress we are always getting that eat/store signal in our body and we have to short circuit it or we are never going to have a flat belly,” says Shaw Talbott, PhD a nutritional biochemist.

According to Dr. Talbott, stress will send signals to the brain to tell it store belly fat. Lower stress by naturally lowering cortisol by following these simple steps.

For morning stress, take 250 mg Relora dietary supplement, a combination of two herbs, magnolia and philodendron, twice a day. To lower cortisol anytime, try Earth Solutions Stress Ease Aromatherapy Inhaler. Scents go straight from the nasal cavity to the amygdala to reduce anxiety. At night, tart cherry juice for deep sleep. Add water or Alka-Seltzer if it’s too sweet for you. Eight hours of sleep increases your cortisol level by 50% versus six hours of sleep.

“If you do strategic exercises that target the core, you’ll lose the bloat as well,” says Jaime Brenkus, trainer and creator of the “8 Minute Abs” workout.

So what are the 4 steps for the Flat Belly Plan?

Dr. Oz’s Flat Belly Plan:

1. Shrink Fat Cells
2. Shed Excess Pounds With MUFAs
3. Reduce Inflammation
4. Beat Bloat

The first step in the flat belly plan is to shrink fat cells. In a recent study, researchers found that people who ate three yogurts a day while dieting lost 81% more belly fat than those who didn’t eat yogurt.

As part of the Flat Belly Plan, you should eat about 6 ounces of low-fat Greek yogurt before every meal. The calcium in the yogurt will help stop the fat from entering into your cells and will improve your body’s ability to break down the fat and push it through to a bowel movement.

Next on the Flat Belly plan is to shed excess pounds with MUFA’s. Wait, what is that; you might be thinking. MUFA’s are monounsaturated fatty acids. They can be found in nuts, seeds, avocados, olives and flax and olive oils.  As part of the Flat Belly Plan, you need to eat three MUFA meals a day.

The foundation of any MUFA meal has:

  • 3 ounces lean protein
  • 1 complex carb
  • Unlimited vegetables
  • 1 MUFA
  • Each meal should be 350 calories (or fewer)

Ways to incorporate MUFAs into your diet:

  • Walnuts sprinkled in your oatmeal.
  • A teaspoon of flaxseed oil drizzled on your salad.
  • A wedge of avocado blended in your morning smoothie.
  • Olive tapenade in your turkey wrap.

Third on the list to a flat belly, according to the plan by Dr. Oz is reduce inflammation. Belly fat has been linked to inflammation and elevated cortisol (the stress hormone). Belly fat is even thought to be “toxic” to your system as it releases chemicals into your body that wreak havoc on your appetite and the way your body metabolizes food. That’s why anti-inflammatory foods are thought to be effective in fighting belly fat and breaking the vicious cycle, says Dr. Oz.Dr. Oz Flat Belly Plan

Part of the Flat Belly plan is having a anti-inflammatory snack in the afternoon. Snacks that are packed full of antioxidants and flavonoids. Try having berries, or a yellow bell pepper.

The last step in the Flat belly plan is to beat bloat. The Dr. Oz website has a recipe for just that.

“Getting rid of the bloat increases the maximum benefit of exercise. You want to push the muscle closer to the surface of the skin and getting rid of that bloat really helps it. I give this to all of my clients…it’s really simple,” says Jaime Brenkus.

Drink ginger iced tea with mint and lemon to reduce bloat. Ginger naturally aids digestion, mint helps to reduce gas, and lemon juice is rich in antioxidants. Follow the recipe below and sip on this Flat Belly Tea all day long:


  • 3 bags of ginger tea
  • 1 cup fresh mint, chopped
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 cups of ice

In a large pitcher (about 24 ounces), steep the ginger bags and chopped mint for 5-10 minutes. Strain mixture to remove bags and leaves. Add lemon juice. Stir and serve. Store in refrigerator, serve chilled and sip.

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