Doritos Super Bowl Commercial with Goat and Fashionista Daddy Win Crash the Super Bowl Contest

Doritos Commercial

Doritos Super Bowl commercial about a dad dressing up with his daughter rather playing Football with his friends all for some Doritos is the winner of Crash the Super Bowl contest and has made it in the top 5 of USA Ad Meter results.

The great thing about the Doritos Super Bowl ad, is they allow young filmmakers to submit their own commercial video idea. The Crash the Super Bowl contest is an annual online commercial competition run by Frito-Lay. Consumers are invited to create their own Doritos ads and each year, at least one fan-made commercial is guaranteed to air during the Super Bowl.

The Doritos Super Bowl commercial 2013 were two among five finalist ads selected by the Doritos brand from 3,000 ad submissions received this year as part of the annual Crash the Super Bowl contest.

One of the Doritos Super Bowl ads called “Fashionista Daddy” created by 29-year-old Mark Freiburger of Los Angeles scored No. 4 in the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter rankings. It now has given him the opportunity to work with film director Michael Bay on the next installment of the blockbuster Transformers movie franchise from Paramount Pictures and Hasbro, set to be released on June 27, 2014.

The other Doritos commercial that ran during the Super Bowl was called, “Goat 4 Sale” created by 28-year-old Ben Callner of Decatur, Georgia. It scored No. 7 on the USA Today Ad Meter rankings.

As part of this year’s competition, all five finalists received $25,000 and a trip to attend Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. Bonus cash prizes were based on how each winning ad ranked in the Ad Meter.

The payouts were as follows: $1 million awarded for an ad that scores the No. 1 spot on the Ad Meter; $600,000 awarded for an ad that scores the No. 2 spot on the Ad Meter; and $400,000 awarded for an ad that scores the No. 3 spot on the Ad Meter.

“The Doritos brand has always been about offering our consumers the biggest, boldest opportunities imaginable. And it doesn’t get much bolder than turning over the world’s biggest advertising stage to our fans,” said Ram Krishnan, vice president of marketing for Frito-Lay North America. “We are so excited to award Mark the chance to work with one of the most acclaimed directors of our time. It’s an exciting finish for one of the most exciting engagement programs the Doritos brand has created to date.”

Goat 4 Sale Doritos Commercial

Doritos “Goat 4 Sale” Crash the Super Bowl 2013 Finalist

Fashionista Daddy Doritos Commercial

Doritos “Fashionista Daddy” Crash the Super Bowl 2013 Finalist

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