Android Based Game Console Ouya Release Date Set for June at $99

Ouya Kickstarter

The popular Kickstarter project from Ouya took another big jump today. They announced that after the Kickstarter original units ship they will also be available from major retailers for $99. It is the latest popular Kickstarter project to successfully move in the retail world.

What is Ouya? It is a simple Android powered video game console that will include a single blue tooth wireless controller. The controllers will consist of analog sticks, two shoulder buttons, a D pad, menu button and an all new touch pad experience. Additional controllers will be available to purchase for $49 each and the units will support up to 4 controllers at once.

Games are obviously the focus of the unit but since it runs Android many apps including games can be adapted to run on Ouya. Because most consoles are living room based this unit can also serve as a multimedia station. A few of the listed partners for streaming services include VEVO, iheartradio, TuneIn, XBMC, Plex, and OnLive. This list is expected to grow as the June retail launch gets closer.

Game developers also have an option of allowing free demos of any game. If the end user enjoys a game, they can purchase it with a simple upgrade. Ouya does not want users to buy a game unless they know they will enjoy it. “We don’t want you to buy a game unless you love it.” Revenue splits for developers are a 70/30 split with Ouya, similar to development platforms like Apple and Android.

Many game developers are already on board including Square Enix, NAMCO and Bandai. Independent developers have also started to flock toward the console in hopes it takes off. Through Kickstarter it is off to a decent start with 63,000 original backers expected to receive their units as soon as March.

The independent developers and hacking community are both excited because the hardware and software are both open. This means they are able to build games and 3rd party hardware that work natively with the unit.

Nvidia is behind the original hardware and it is a powerful box for the $99 price tag. It features an HDMI connection to a TV and will output 720 or 1080p resolution. The processor is a Tegra 3 with 1 GB of RAM and 8Gb of storage. Expandable memory is also supported by an open SD slot. Wireless network connectivity includes 802.11 b,g and n.

Interested buyers can head over to their site where pre-orders are now available. Units are expected to be shipping by June for most pre-orders. Does the apparent dying console market have new life with Ouya? This question should be answered before the end of 2013 and the Holiday shopping season could see some competition among new gaming consoles. Do you have interest in an open gaming device?

Ouya game console hits stores in June

Preorders begin for the Android-based game console.

Ouya Android Based TV Game Console

The new Google Android based TV gaming console called OUYA! The best thing about OUYA is that since Android is open source new game developers can build games to run on OUYA for little to no cost!

Also, the OUYA game console only costs $99! The same price as the Apple TV and it almost does the game things as an Apple TV.

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