Tide Super Bowl Commercial with Joe Montana Miracle Stain is Humorous

Tide Super Bowl Commercial Miracle Stain

This was Tide’s first Super Bowl commercial since 2008 and was a cleaver way to incorporate each of the teams playing in the Super Bowl.

Tide put on a good Super Bowl commercial for the fact of turnaround time and the teams playing being named just two weeks prior.

Brilliantly put together with their tag line of Tide cleans stains and the way women are in real life.

In the Tide Super Bowl Commercial, a man is hanging out with his friend eating chips cheering for his favorite San Francisco 49er’s team when he drops salsa on his jersey. His friend tells him, “Dude you have [Joe] Montana on your jersey.” While the man exclaims with cheer, “It’s a miracle stain.”

Next scene is the man getting interviews and everyone in the world going nuts over this “Miracle Stain.” At one point during the commercial there’s a news team covering the action and says, “People from all over the world are flocking to get a glimpse of what some 49ers fans are hoping that could be a Super Bowl miracle.”

It is very ironic that San Francisco lost. Throughout the commercial you can’t help but think that the people at Tide are San Francisco 49ers fans. With that said, at the very end of the Tide Super Bowl commercial, the man asks his wife where his 49ers jersey is. She tells him that she washed it because it had a stain on it. As if it was nothing and, just a typical daily duty of hers. She turns and smiles at the camera saying, “Go Ravens.”

The Examiner made a good point with, “The Tide commercial was very funny and does explain how many of us women work. But after men see that ad, the female species may have to up their game just a bit since our secrets have now been revealed. Shame on Tide for blowing our cover and explaining to men how we operate. Now women everywhere are going to have to think creatively and figure out how to get away with everything we do.”

Tide started this Super Bowl ad campaign idea on January 21 with they released an infomercial spoof about a fictional product called “Stain Savers.”

Tide Stain Savers: Funny Infomercial

Tide Stain Savers help you save the special stains you don’t want cleaned by Tide. And if you don’t think there are stains worth saving, check this out and tune in to the Super Bowl. Stain Savers are in no way a real product by Tide. Could you imagine? LOL

Tide Super Bowl Commercial: Miracle Stain

What do you do when a beloved NFL great miraculously graces the world with his presence on the front of your jersey? Soak up your 15 minutes of fame. That’s what.

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