Jeep Teams up with Oprah for Super Bowl Commercial Honoring Troops

Jeep Super Bowl Video

Jeep teamed up with Oprah Winfrey for their Super Bowl commercial.

During the Jeep two-minute ad slot called “Whole Again,” it featured Oprah Winfrey narrating a heartfelt letter from the Jeep brand and Americans to the Service men and women of the six branches of the armed forces.

“It was an honor to lend my voice in support of those that serve us all,” Oprah Winfrey said in a statement.

During the start of the Jeep Super Bowl Commercial, a quote from Oprah Winfrey appears that reads, “We wait. We Hope. We Pray. Until you’re home again.”

She starts the Jeep Super Bowl ad with saying, “They will be a seat left open. A light left on. A favorite dinner waiting. A warm bed made. There will be walks to take. Swings to push and baths to give.”

The commercial goes on with saying how troops were missed, needed, cried, and prayed for at home and in hearts of loved ones.

Touching the hearts of many that have loved ones in the armed forces, the Jeep commercial shows the reuniting of families. Oprah narrates in that moment, “Because when you’re home, we’re more than a family. We are a nation. That is whole, again.”

The ad introduced the Jeep brand’s “Operation SAFE Return” (OSR), which aims to “galvanize community support for service members and their families worldwide.”

As part of OSR, Chrysler Jeep will donate more than $1 million in vehicles and funding to the USO to be utilized for programs that directly support returning service members and their families.

Chrysler Jeep’s patriotic salute to U.S. troops seems to be their theme for Super Bowl ads. Last year, Chrysler’s commercial featured a surprise guest appearance by Clint Eastwood who proclaimed it “Halftime in America.”

Chrysler Jeep did not reveal its marketing strategy prior to the Super Bowl, while many released online teasers ahead of the game.

Jeep Super Bowl Commercial with Oprah Winfrey

When our troops are home, we are more than a family. We are a nation that is whole again. Oprah Winfrey narrates an inspirational commercial for Jeep during the 2013 Super Bowl.

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