Super Bowl will be Beamed to Astronauts in Space by NASA

Astronauts Stream Super Bowl

The Super Bowl will be watched by the Astronauts in Space. So while they may be miles away, just like you and me, they won’t be missing any of the football action or commercials.

One of the Super Bowl commercials actually features “Space Babies” by Kia, in which a father tells his young son that all babies (even animal tots) actually come from the alien planet Babylandia, and launch on epic space missions in order to reach their parents on Earth.

NASA’s Mission Control at the Johnson Space Center in Houston will beam the Super Bowl XLVII between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens live to the International Space Station so its astronaut crew can watch the big game along with every other football fan on Earth, according to Space.

“Yes they are going to watch it this weekend,” NASA spokesman Josh Byerly told Space. Byerly said Mission Control made a special point on Friday (Feb. 1) of asking the station astronauts if they wanted to catch the game.

This isn’t the first time for Astronauts to watch live games from the space station. Astronauts were able to watch the 2012 Olympics from Space.

It will be fun to find out if the Space crew plans on throwing a traditional Super Bowl party or hold a zero-gravity football game, or just float around with the game on in the background. Although, the Inquisitr made a good point, the International Space Station is just about as big as the football field in New Orleans where Sunday’s game will be held, so either could be possible. It is doubtful any chips, soda or beer will be available for the game there, though.

The Expedition 34 team includes two American astronauts (Kevin Ford and engineer Tom Marshburn), Russian cosmonauts Evgeny Tarelkin, Oleg Novitskiy and Roman Romanenko, and Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

“Space Babies” 2014 Kia Sorento Super Bowl Ad

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2014 Kia Sorento Space Babies Super Bowl Car Commercial Teaser

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