Girl with Microcephaly Found Locked inside Wooden Cage

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An eight-year old soon-to-be-adopted girl, who suffers from microcephaly, was found locked inside a wooden cage. Meanwhile, Cindy Patriarchias and Edmond Gonzales left to see a movie at the elementary school with the other three children.

Police say they received a call that the 8-year-old was being left home alone on January 25. When officers arrived at the mobile home, they found the young girl inside a large homemade wooden cage placed in the corner of a bedroom. The wppded cage had two latches on the door, a baby’s crib mattress inside, and was roughly 2 and a half feet wide, and 4 feet tall, KRQE reports.

The 8-year old girl didn’t look to have any physical injuries, but was put under the care of New Mexico’s child-protection agency.

The mother told police she left the girl in the cage while she took her other three kids to watch a movie.

A police spokesman said Patriarchias had been trying to adopt the 8-year old girl but hadn’t been able to reach the girl’s birth mother to get consent.

The eight-year-old girl is disabled and is diagnosed with microcephaly, a condition in which her head is smaller than normal. The police said in a statement that the girl had been placed in the custody of the state, along with Cindy Patriarchias’s three other children.

Patriarchias and Gonzales were being held $25,000 cash-only bonds.

Patriarchias, 33, has been charged with negligently causing child abuse. Gonzales, 37, was charged with negligently permitting child abuse. Court records indicated that they appeared in court Monday but didn’t enter pleas.

The little girl’s condition is a rare neurological disorder that only affects one out of 25,000 children in the United States annually. Microcephaly results from the abnormal growth of the skull while the infant is developing in the womb or abnormal growth after birth. According to the Mayo Clinic, the disorder causes the child’s head to be dramatically smaller than other children of the same age and sex.

According to the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital, Microcephaly can be caused by genetic defects as well as abuse of drugs and alcohol by the mother during pregnancy, a viral infection, rubella, or another genetic condition. Other causes include the mother having diabetes as well as maternal malnutrition or mercury poisoning.

8 Year old Girl found locked in wooden cage

A New Mexico woman and her boyfriend locked up an 8-year-old girl with developmental disabilities and Microcephaly in a wooden cage, then left her alone while they headed out to watch a movie, police said Tuesday.

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