Moisturizing Jeans: Wrangler to Launch the Denim January 28

Moisturizing Denim

We don’t often associate denim jeans with new technology or having a breakthrough new feature. That could soon change as Wrangler is set to begin selling a new line of jeans that claim to combat cellulite and moisturize your skin by just wearing them.

The denim company has teamed up with Lizzie Jagger, the daughter of Rolling Stones star Mick Jagger, to debut the new line of Spa Jeans. Wrangler will offer three different options for potential buyers. Smooth legs is the anti cellulite version, olive extract acts as the moisturizing version and aloe vera will take the role for sensitive skin line.

The jeans will come in low, medium and regular cuts for what is rumored to be around $135 a pair. The retailer will first debut the new line on January 28th.

Jeans that offer these features do come with a few caveats though. Washing the jeans should be done at the very minimal level and only as needed. After 15 days, the moisture technology might need a little boost and this is due to them being specially treated to slowly release the moisturizer.  The spray reloading moisturizing bottles will also be sold, but there was no indication of price or how long a bottle would last for your average consumer.

These jeans are expected to retain their effects for 67 to 95 wears according to Wrangler, but each user will obtain different results depending on environment and care.

Testers of the new idea have reported that their legs do in fact feel softer. Jaggers mom, Jerry Hall has tested the jeans and said the new jeans feel softer and smoother than regular jeans.

They have been clinically tested by the Institute Adriant in France and after four weeks of continuous weekday wearing for 8 hours a day, 69% of the panel claimed that the appearance of their thighs had improved.

Some obviously think the moisturizing jeans are a scam and that potential buyers just need to use a daily lotion, but many women reported that jeans are difficult to get on after putting lotion onto their legs.  Denim has also been known to have dehydrating effects on our skin.

This  move by Wrangler is a surprising one to many. Its denim line was started in 1947 as a new line of jeans especially designed for ‘tough as nails’ cowboys in North Carolina. Fast forward 66 years and the company is marketing jeans towards women that offer a moisturizing effect.

Wrangler might need a new spokesperson for US commercials as I don’t see Brett Favre doing any of these commercials anytime soon.

Wrangler Launches Moisturizing, Cellulite-Fighting Jeans

Sick of putting on lotion and/or dieting? Wrangler has your back with its new line of moisturizing and cellulite fighting jeans. Lizzie Jagger, daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, is the face of the Denim Spa line which features denim infused with different solutions meant to keep your skin silky smooth.

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