Lynx Cats Seen In Colorado And Shared Online With A Picture [video]

Silverton CO Lynx Sighting

Once again, one of the world’s most popular social media sites that used to compete with has revealed a picture that has caught the attention of all. has surfaced a picture of a Lynx cat in Colorado between Silverton, CO and Durango, CO. The user her first shared the photo was named jj_poophouse and he admitted the photo wasn’t his, “I wish it was my photo, from what I understand it was taken at about 8:30am last weekend.” The Reddit submitter confirmed the location the photo was shot when he said in response to someone’s question of where the Lynx was seen, “Southwest Colorado, it was taken on Molas Pass between Silverton & Durango.”

Lynx Cat Molas Pass Colorado
Image Source: from retired National Park Service employee Steve Chaney Jan. 20th, 2013

Currently the Reddit submit titled, “Rare Lynx sighting in Colorado” has received 3,321 upvotes on the popular social media site. Some users started to share their stories of seeing Lynx cats in Colorado with one account from user: whitewaterfanatic being quite descriptive. Whitewaterfanatic said, “I live in the foothills of Colorado and I saw one of these guys in my yard last month. Went out to get something from my car and one was just sitting in the shade besides the back wheel. By the time I noticed, I was about 15 feet from it and couldn’t help but walk away rather quickly after realizing it wasn’t a house cat! It was a lot smaller than these look, so it was probably pretty young, born in the wild after being reintroduced? In any case, I had no idea they were reintroducing them back into the wild. This is great. Lynx are just awesome.”

Colorado Lynx
Image Source: Close up shot of Imgur Lynx Photo shared on Reddit

The excitement of seeing Lynx cats in the the CO area is due them becoming completely extinct in 1973. In 2006 a story was done on the reintroduction of the Canadian Lynx into the Colorado region. In that story the Colorado Division of Wildlife told MSNBC, “In 1973 someone killed the last known lynx in Colorado.” The Colorado Dept. of Natural Resources released a picture of three Lynx kittens they released back into the wild in repopulation efforts. The program to reintroduce the Lynx cat in Colorado was started in 1999.

Lynx Kittens Colorado
Image Source: Colorado Dept. of Natural Resources

If you were ever to see a Lynx in Colorado or North America you would almost positively see a Canada Lynx variety. The size you could expect to see from this type of cat is 18 to 24 pounds and 31 to 41 inches in legnth. The Lynx cat would stand up about 19 – 22 inches with the males being larger than the female Lynx. Many can mistake a bobcat (Lynx rufus) with the Canada Lynx (Lynx canadensis) because they are so similar. While a Canadian Lynx is larger than a bobcat, the bobcat can reach sizes larger than the Lynx can get in full grown size.

The Lynx repopulation is showing to be a success now that people are seeing the cats roaming on their own in the wild of the Colorado mountainside. If you looked for the silvery-brown fur with a ruffled face and tufted ears that have a black tip on them, you’ll know that you’ve mostly caught a glimpse of a rare Lynx in the wild.

CANADIAN LYNX ‘eh Species Spotlight

The Canadian lynx is also related to the Eurasian (Siberian) lynx, the critically endangered Iberian lynx and the bobcat. They are a medium sized feline and easily one of the most beautiful animals on the planet. I hope their newly established populations in the US will remain strong so that future generations can witness the beauty of nature.

Lynx in Silverton, CO

At Silverton Ski Area, right after snowboarding.

Colorado Field Institute Lynx Presentation

A presentation by the Colorado Field Institute about Lynx reintroduction in the San Luis Valley

Not a Happy Lynx

Exotic pet ownership is not a good idea.

CANADIAN LYNX – Species Spotlight

Dances With Wolves is the resident Canadian Lynx at Big Cat Rescue. Listen to Master Keeper Barbara Frank talk about Dances and Canadian Lynx in the wild.

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