15,000 Crocodiles Escape From Farm in South Africa During Flood

Thousands of Crocodiles Escape

Going to the Zoo can be an entertaining and fun place to visit with friends, love ones, or just having some you time. I personally like looking at the sea lions, and the shows zoo employees put on with the amazingly smart creatures. It may sound weird, but I also really like the crocodiles, alligators exhibit, just do not want to see them up close and personal.  People in South Africa may feel the exact same way now.

A farm in South Africa called Rakwena Crocodile Farm may be in a little bit of hot water as 15,000 Crocodiles have been reported to escape since earlier this week; putting thousands of residents in danger and striking fear in nearby communities. The farm which just surpassed 15,000 crocodiles this year, basically had their entire farm populations washed away and missing due to the actions of the farm’s owner.

It was reported in a local South African newspaper that heavy rainfall over consistent days lead to the flooding of the Limpopo River which is right near the Rakwena Crocodile farm. The farm’s owners,  the Boshoff’s feared that the raging high waters would crush the walls of their house, so John Boshoff opened the gates. Which unfortunately, released all of the crocodiles into the waters and into the Limpop River according to NY Times.

The Limpop River, which normally has a very low amount of crocodiles in its water, had thousands of them in it earlier this week and the river runs through highly populated communities in the northern part of South Africa.

“You want to get them (Crocodiles), but you wonder the whole time if you’ll make it there, when we reached them, the crocodiles were swimming around dozens of residents, I Praise the Lord, they were all alive,” Rakwena employee Zane Langman said in a statement. One of the crocodiles was even found on a school’s rugby field in Musina, nearly 75 miles from the farm.

Since the escape, employees and government officials have reportedly captured about 7,500 crocodiles, but they are still very concerned the thousands of other crocodiles roaming around, and fear for the safety of their citizens. The recovery efforts are still taking place, but mostly at night time because the crocodile eyes reportedly glow red in the dark according to IB Times.

Both the South African and Zimbabwean air forces have had to rescue villagers in areas isolated by the flood waters, the authorities in neighboring Mozambique have evacuated tens of thousands of people. Hopefully South African residents will remain safe and not become gator bait.

15,000 crocodiles escape from South African Farm

Thousands of crocodiles have escaped from a South African reptile farm after severe flooding.

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