Twitter’s Video Sharing Service Vine Launches For Apple iOS Devices

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Twitter announced on Thursday that the service called Vine is launching for free in the Apple App Store. The app lets users “capture and share short looping videos”. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo showed off the new service on his own Twitter feed on Wednesday.

Currently, it is not apart of the official Twitter client, but rather a stand alone app available for iPhone and iPod touch users. Full support on other platforms is in the works per a Vine source. I would think Android and Windows Phone would be the top next candidates for the app. Blackberry 10 could shock everyone and come out with a version, but that is a long shot. Tablet support should also be expected for the iPad as their sales continue to rise in the post PC world.

The service allows its users to share 6 second videos in embedded tweets. Vine users can also share the videos directly through a separate web page on the Vine site. Once installed you have the option to follow other Vine users acting as its own new social network. Many are calling the service the Instagram of video.

6 second videos are short, but with the editing ability users are able to mash different video clips together creating a single video. These multiple short clips can be put together into what looks like a single continuous video. Recording is as simple as pressing the screen to turn it off and lifting your finger to stop the recording.

The samples I have viewed remind me of the short GIF’s you see online that load faster than traditional full videos or full YouTube videos. Viewing the videos is as simple as selecting “View Media” below the tweet on the left. This replaces the normal “expand” or “view conversation” options that are normally available.

Many users are reporting early bugs and are having to shut down the app. Vine as of now, has not released a statement on the reports.  Vine was acquired by Twitter in October in 2012 and many have been waiting to see what they would do with the service. It was relatively new when Twitter bought them and not many had a chance to use or even see the service.

What do you think of the Vine app? Do you see yourself sharing quick video clips instead of only pictures?

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