Most Depressing Day of the Year is Today, Blue Monday

Most Depressing Day of the Year

Today, January 21 is known as Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year. So if you are feeling a little down and low on motivation today, you’re not alone. There’s not much hope for the third Monday of the year.

The day was initially identified according to a formula devised by happiness and motivation expert, Cliff Arnall, formerly a researcher, lecturer, and post graduate tutor at the Medical and Dental School of Cardiff University.

Blue Monday, is when people suffer from a series of combined depressive effects. It’s when the Christmas spirit has faded away, New Year’s resolutions have begun to be broken, the cold Winter weather has begun to set in and credit card bills will be hitting the mail boxes.

The date was devised using the following mathematical formula:

The “equation” contains six factors – debt (d), time since Christmas (T), weather (W), low motivational levels (M), the feeling of a need to take action (Na) and time since failing our new year’s resolutions (Q).

Dean Burnett from Cardiff University believes the media hype around Blue Monday is harmful, not helpful. He says, “It’s disrespectful to those who suffer from genuine depression, suggesting that it is temporary, minor and experienced by everyone, rather than what may be a chronic and incapacitating condition.”

A survey by Anglian Home Improvements quizzed 2,000 respondents and reports 79 percent of people feel that limited hours of daylight has a negative effect on our mood.

A spokesman for the company said, “The survey shows a clear link between natural daylight, mood and motivation. It’s encouraging to learn that little changes, like making sure you sit near a window or somewhere with as much natural light as possible, can make a big difference to how we feel and cope with winter.”

While it’s been suggested that ‘Blue Monday’ was a ploy from travel agenies as a clever way to have people booking vacations for sunnier climates.

There are ways to cope with the Blue Monday mood.

1. Get out and exercise:
Exercising regularly releases a feel-good chemical in the brain. It also increases your body temperature which can create a calm feeling.

2. Be Social:
Research from the University College Dublin (UCD) revealed that individuals who spent at least 2 hours a week interacting with others felt less symptoms of depression than participants who remained isolated.

3. Do something nice for someone else:
Researchers from Britain say doing something nice for someone once a day for a minimum of 10 days had a real impact on overall self-happiness.

Scientist Determines Most Depressing Day of the Year

A British scientist discovered that January 21st is the most depressing day of 2013, a day he’s calling Blue Monday. He based his finding on the weather, the number of holiday shopping bills due, the likelihood New Year’s resolutions have been suspended and other factors.

Blue Monday: Why it’s the WORST Day of the Year

The third Monday in January is often described as the “most depressing day of the year.” There are a number of factors in this reasoning. It usually falls about 21 days after Jan 1. The weather is typically gloomy. This is about the time your credit card bills from Christmas come pouring in, and they may be difficult to pay off. It’s been several weeks since your family holiday gatherings, and maybe a few since you last visited your new year’s resolutions. You may feel your willpower waning, and an intense need to do SOMETHING, though you’re unclear about what.

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