Restaurant in China Uses Robots To Cook, Entertain And Serve Food


Robots are the future and it seems that one restaurant China is tired of waiting. Robot Restaurant ’employs’ 20 of the machines to handle most of the everyday tasks. The entire process starts as soon as a potential diner enters the facility. A greeter robot extends its arm out and says ‘Earth person hello. Welcome to the Robot Restaurant.’

Once orders are placed from the menu of 30 options, robots in the kitchen immediately begin cooking the meal. Each chef is able to determine the needed ingredients for each dish and the desired cooking temperature. After it is cooked, a robot waiter carries the meal from the kitchen to the waiting table. The path is based on a track that uses under floor sensors to help gauge spatial awareness.  During the dining process a robot actually sings to the party and provides entertainment.Robot Restaurant in Harbin

The Harbin, China restaurant currently has 20 robots on staff. Each one is assembled by a local firm, Harbin Haohai Robot Company. The US cost ranges from $31,500 to $47,000 for each unit. This company is not planning on turning a profit using the machines, but rather using it for marketing their name. So far it appears to be working based on the quick international fame.

The included technology is impressive in each robot, which can work for 5 continuous hours on a single 2 hour charge. Sensors are responsible for scanning surrounding areas and the path they are headed down to avoid any hazards. 10 facial expressions and common spoken phrases are also a standard feature.

This is not the first attempt or only robot based employer. Another type of robot called the NoodleBot was invented to save restaurants money and to save employees from monotonous tasks. Its only task is to cut noodles and it does so at 150 noodles per minute. An average human chef is able to cut around 50 per minute. This version costs far less at $2,330 each, but could potentially save employers money.

In 2010, owners of The Dalu Robot Restaurant in Jinan, China  used robots resembling Star Wars characters to deliver trays of food. This system was using a conveyor belt setup which was far less expensive. Given previous licensing deals from LucasFilms one would assume this was not a cheap investment.

An unknown cost for these types of restaurants is maintenance on the robots and they still must employ users to control and update them as needed. Batteries also have a certain lifespan and must be replaced after so many charging cycles. Robots have emerged as a technology that has serious potential in many market types. Their life is still young but they can handle anything from assembly line functions to now cooking and serving a meal.

Robot Restaurant in Harbin – North East China

Diners get a taste of the future as robots take over a restaurant in China.

The Dalek-like staff greet punters, cook their dinner and serve it using sensors on the floor — after human waiters take their orders.

Robot Restaurant in Harbin, North East China, bought 20 of the £30,000 bots, which run for five hours on a two-hour charge.

Robot chefs taking over China’s noodle

A Chinese restaurateur in Beijing has invented a robot chef to make sliced noodles. The robotic noodle expert is taking China’s noodle bars by storm.

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