Rex Ryan’s Tattoo of his Wife Wearing Mark Sanchez’s Jersey has many saying ‘Huh?”

Rex Ryan Wife Tattoo

Whatever the New York Jets try to do to better, one thing always gets accomplished whether they plan on it or not; they find a way to make headlines. Even though the Jets have been eliminated from the playoffs for weeks, the Jets, specifically coach Rex Ryan, has made the cover of the Daily News as well as being a talking point on sports radio and television.

Ryan’s problem with the quarterback situation has taken an unusual turn as he was recently photographed sporting a tattoo of a woman who appears to be his wife. Nothing unusual about that except the woman was wearing only a green jersey with Mark Sanchez’s No.6 on it striking a pose that seems to resemble a crouching Tim Tebow.

While on vacation in the Bahamas, Ryan was laying by the pool at the Cove Atlantis resort when he quickly left the area with his wife after a reporter approached them. The Daily News reports that Ryan was cursing at the reporter as he “stormed away” but did not know that he was photographed before they got up. The picture showed the Jets coach with a book in his left hand and the tattoo on his right upper arm. Another tattoo is seen above it showing the names of his children and his wife.

Once the picture became known, many sports shows and critics began talking about it, including Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith from ESPN’s First Take. As the two debated, Smith said on the show Friday morning that “I pray that it is fake. I pray that there is no other… that there is not a shred of validity. I think that something was airbrushed and put in there or something. I hope so.”

Even though the report does not say whether the tattoo was permanent, Rich Cimini said a source close to Ryan told him that he’s “had it for years.” The source also said that though many did not know about it, a few people within the Jets team has also known about it for awhile. It was four months after Ryan was hired as coach for the Jets that Sanchez ended up being drafted fifth overall out of USC in 2009.

Owner Woody Johnson and Coach Ryan were already under the spotlight for the Jets’ bad season and for firing their former general manager, Mike Tannenbaum. Then to add to it, the Jets made an announcement on Wednesday that Johnson and Ryan would have their “season-ending” news conference next week – nine days after the season officially ended.

What makes this significant is that according to NFL’s media policy, a team’s coach and team official must hold a news conference during the week after the end of the season. Now that the Jets are in violation of this policy, a league spokesman said that the NFL will look into the matter.

With Ryan’s “tattoo revelation” made public, will there be any ramifications to the Jets coach? Gary Myers had penned a handwringing column about how the tattoo could cost Rex Ryan support from the locker room. “This classic work of art could affect Ryan’s credibility with his players. Will they tease him about it? Will they be jealous of Sanchez? Will they think of Sanchez as the teacher’s pet? Couldn’t Ryan have expressed his ever-lasting love for the Jets with just a generic green jersey without a number?”

If it does turn out that this is only a temporary tattoo and was done as a goof to make the Jet’s hit the headlines, well played. As everyone has focused on Rex Ryan’s tattoo instead of the Jets 2012 season.

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