Smartphone & Tablet Screen Cleaning Just Got High-Tech At CES 2013 with LensPen

SideKick Tablet SmartKlear Smartphone Cleaner by LensPen

If you’ve ever found yourself grossed out by how dirty your smartphone screen has become or how smudged your tablet has ended up, we found the product for you at CES 2013. This year we ran into CEO Murray Keating of LensPen who has helped develop a line of products for cleaning iPads, Nexus 7’s & 10’s and all smartphones like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy SII & SIII’s. Essentially if you have a screen on your electronic device, LensPen has a device to help you keep it clean with special carbon cleaning technology.

The perfection of the technology for cleaning glass that was in high use environments that get oil and dirt put on them started about 20 years ago. Parkside Optical Inc. had designed products to clean lenses and other fine optics and they have now evolved those products for smartphones and tablets. Ryan Keating, Vice President of Marketing for LensPen Group said, “With the introduction of the iPad and iPhone a few years ago, touching glass was no longer a mistake or an accident; it’s how the product is used! We knew our carbon technology was the perfect solution.”

Lenspen Products

At CES 2013 the newest line of products was released by LensPen Group with the announcement of their SmartKlear product for cleaning iPhone & touchscreens. The tech uses the same, grease-cutting carbon compound that photographers and tablet users use to remove fingerprints from lenses, filters and screens.

The other product is the SideKick iPad and Tablet cleaner that comes in a larger size for cleaning a tablet quickly on the go. All the products have replaceable carbon heads that are replaced very quickly. In an interview at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Ryan Keating showed us how the cleaners work as well as changed out a carbon cleaning head with just a quick twist.

At the current time of our interview with Ryan you can’t purchase the SmartKlear at retailers because it was just announced for CES 2013. The SideKick iPad and tablet cleaner can be found at retail locations like BestBuy,, B&H and

In the video below you’ll see Ryan demonstrate the entire cleaning process on my Samsung Galaxy SII as it was completely cleaned. Carisa Mackey added her makeup all over the glass of the phone to make sure it was extra dirty to see if the cleaning process was as quick an deasy as LensPen said it was. It worked great as you can see and ended up really clean.

Some interesting things that Ryan pointed out in the video is that inside the case of the LensPen cleaners is a replenishing pad that will put more carbon onto the cleaner and rolls around the carbon particles to expose fresh surface area. After Ryan told me about that, I wanted to know, how many times can you use these products before they’re not cleaning very well anymore? Ryan said, “150 smartphone cleanings with your SmartKlear and 150 cleanings for your tablet cleanings with your SideKick.” There are replacement pads to switch out at a cheaper price so that you can keep cleaning with the same original unit you bought as well.

LensPen’s SmartKlear Product Demo at CES 2013

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