Cellairis’s #TweetPunisher Shows Off Shatter Proof iPhone Protection At CES 2013

Cellairis Tweet Punisher CES 2013

We ran across the Cellairis booth at CES 2013 and we were first drawn in by the vibrant build your own cases that were touted as, “Shout! Your Life. Your Case.” While the entrance of Cellairis was designed beautifully, which you can see in the image below, we fell in love with the Tweet Punisher quickly and found ourselves watching an iPhone 5 get pummeled by keyboard keys.

Cellairis Shout Design Your Own Case Covers Booth at CES 2013

The Tweet Punisher allows anyone at CES 2013 or anywhere in the world, including you to ram a typewriter key directly into an iPhone 5 glass screen. The catch? The iPhone 5’s screen is protected by the innovative tempered glass Cellairis Shell Shock: G-Class screen protector.

How can you try and damage a iPhone 5’s case in real-time at CES 2013 from your couch?

Just go to Twitter and send out a tweet with the hashtag: #tweetpunisher and you can watch a live feed of the typewriter banging blows directly on the iPhone 5’s glass cover.

According to the guy we interviewed at the Cellairis booth, Justin Bieber himself is an endorser of the product and participated in trying to punish the Shell Shock: G-Class Screen protector. When Justin Bieber tweeted out his tweet to his 31 million followers nearly 21,000 retweets came in with the hashtag #tweetpunisher and the result? Well… as you can see the typewriter at CES 2013 is still banging away at the iPhone 5 trying to destroy it. This sucker really does seem invincible.

What would happen if you took an iPhone 5 and let this same typewriter bang a key on the screen without the Shell Shock: G-Class screen protector? According to the #TweetPunisher Press Release it, “shatters almost instantly, while a phone outfitted with the Cellairis Shell Shock: G-Class screen protector can withstand significantly more pressure.”

How easy is the Shell Shock: G-Class screen protector to install?

Well at the CES 2013 event my Step Dad Morgan Tolliver got a free screen protector for his iPhone 5. Here at Z6Mag, Carisa Mackey & I both rock Samsung Galaxy model phones so no go with us. Anyway, once we got home Morgan had his Shell Shock: G-Class screen protector installed in seconds with no bubbles or problems. It lined up perfectly with his speaker and iPhone home button. The Shell Shock: G-Class screen protector looked good on his phone and it operated just like it didn’t have a thin layer of tempered glass on it.

If you want to get your own Justin Bieber Shell Shock: G-Class screen protector they retail in stores for $39.99 – $49.99 and are also available online at www.cellairis.com. Not only was this demo, they’re representatives and booth impressive, the #TweetPunisher was a lot of fun to watch as a real-time counter added up the tweets coming in and slammed keys into the iPhone 5. Try it out by tweeting a tweet with #TweetPunisher or click our Tweet button to share this story which will give whack to the iPhone 5 sitting on the CES 2013 Cellairis showroom floor.

If you’re lucky the @TweetPunisher Twitter account might even give you a shout out. After we chatted with the Cellairis guys we got this tweet:


Here’s our interview with Cellairis at CES 2013 below:

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