Waterproof Smartphone To Launch With HzO Nanotechnology Coating At CES 2013

Waterproof Phone CES 2013 Launched by HzO

z6mag.com attended the CES Unveiled: Official Press Event of the 2013 International CES tonight and it was absolutely awesome. Besides the Lenovo 27 inch home tablet / PC that blew everyone away, one technology really caught my eye. This technology isn’t even new and cutting edge like it was invented yesterday. In fact, this specific smartphone technology was featured last year at CES 2012. However, last year no major smartphone manufacturer came to market utilizing technology from a company called HzO. If you got to this post you’ve already seen the title and you’re not stupid, HzO technology is a waterproofing technology that will make the age of worrying about your smartphone around water, no more.

Video Demos Below

What would you do if your iPhone 5 rang and you were in the shower but it was sitting just a foot away from you? Would your anxiety level rise through the roof if you dropped your Samsung Galaxy III into the toilet, bathtub or your swimming pool? What if you spilled your beer all over your Google Nexus smartphone and it was drenched from each inch of it’s corners? Well, you won’t have to worry about that someday, that’s for sure. The waterproofing technology for smartphones comes from nanotechnology technology that is applied in a 100% vacuum process that is currently applied to electronics, phones & other devices after they are manufactured.

Here’s the catch though and why I’m so extremely excited about this technology… When I was talking to a representative named Jason at the HzO booth he told me that on Tuesday January 8th, 2013 or on Wednesday January 9th, 2013 there would be a smartphone manufacturer that would be announcing the launch of a completely waterproof smartphone. I have good video of Jason talking with big smiles of this launch but our audio stinks and I don’t think it’s worth posting here because of that. But I can tell you that he was extremely confident that this bleeding edge technology was ready to rattle the industry and set one smartphone apart from the rest by being indestructible by liquids.

As you can see in our picture above the demo showed multiple phones from iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S II’s and more being dumped in water, orange juice, Bud Light, Poweraid and Coke. In fact, I even saw Jason take a Samsung Galaxy S II that had no back without the case and pull it out of a container of water it had been sitting in and it worked. Not only did it work but it was spilling water out of the back, the sides and I could plainly see the internal electronics and battery from Samsung.

I have to be honest, I wish this stuff was just sold in a spray can so that I could just spray it on my phones and electronics. It really seems like this new tech will be included in the manufacturing process for all kinds of electronics, cameras & expensive watches in the near future. It is easier to add this cutting-edge technology in the beginning of the process without it’s external components.

The Waterblocked Life

HzOINSIDE.com says their technology makes you have to rethink how we use technology. They call it the WaterBlocked™ life. The slogan with a woman relaxing in a bathtub with a tablet PC in her hand with bubbles wrapped all around it and water below here states: “It’s time to rethink how we use technology. No limits. No boundaries. Your device goes where you go. No exceptions.” On their Press piece HzO also describes how their technology works saying: “HzO’s WaterBlock™ technology defends against water damage on the molecular scale so you don’t have to deal with bulky covers or cases. Completely invisible, it is a nanotechnology that protects against water damage without disrupting the original performance or appearance of your sleek devices. This proprietary coating thinly wraps itself around the circuits inside your devices, guarding internal components against water, humidity, sweat and other liquids.”

The excitement and real demonstrations were beyond incredible at this booth in the CES Unveiled event and I’m sure you’ll be just as excited when you get your hands on a waterproof smartphone this next year. It’s certainly going to be available to you and CES 2013 in Las Vegas was what ushered in this amazing accomplishment. Enjoy swimming with your new iPhone in your back pocket in a few years!

We have some videos that were included in the Press Pack and have uploaded them to YouTube so you can watch them:

Waterproof Smartphones by HzO Technology CES 2013 in Las Vegas

HZO Water Blocking Technology Demo

HzO introduces its new WaterBlock technologies. HzO coatings enhance and protect devices from smartphones to textiles to important documents. HzO prevents damage caused by water; electronic devices remain fully functional after exposure. This video demonstrates the power of one of its WaterBlocking technologies.

Smartphone Water Protection with HzO WaterBlock – CES 2012

How HzO Technology Works

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  1. Product failure displayed at 1:20 of the attached video link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHTiJPKO1_M). The Samsung screen is white as he shows the phone, once placed in the liquid it begins to power down. As you can see, he proceeds to place the destroyed phone behind the water tank and grabs another device to finish his demonstration. IF IT FAILED ON THE VIDEO, IMAGINE HOW MANY TIMES ITS FAILED OFF CAMERA! This technology is a joke.

    • I can assure you this product is NOT a joke. I watched the presentations over and over. I saw HzO do the presentations at CES Unveiling as well as on the CES 2013 exhibit floor and I never saw a single issue. I did see what you were referencing with the Samsung Galaxy SIII showing the Samsung logo and powering down to a black screen. What you are seeing is the phone running out of battery. The guys at HzO stand there for 8 hours or more all day long making these phones show the full screen while dipping them in and out of different liquid solutions. Would your phone’s battery last all day when you were using it? No. Not really sure why you’re so against the tech. To be honest, it was the most impressive applicable thing to everyone’s daily lives we saw at CES in Las Vegas.

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