Battle of The Rookie Quarterbacks: Seahawks and Redskins, Who Will Win?

Redskins vs Seahawks

With the regular NFL season over and the playoffs officially beginning, football fans are ready for the quest to reach the Super Bowl to begin. Fans and sports analysts look at head-to-head match-ups and will usually predict the team that has the most playoff experience to win.

The theory is that experienced quarterbacks will not get nervous and make mistakes that can cost his team a victory. This does makes sense, that is, so long as at least one team has an experienced quarterback at the playoff level. What happens though if neither team not only has a quarterback without playoff experience but are both playing in their first season in the NFL? The answer is in the form of the Seattle Seahawks that are scheduled to play against the Washington Redskins on Sunday in Washington at 4:30 p.m. EST. So with two teams going head-to-head that has rookie quarterbacks with no playoff experience, who will win this highly anticipated wild-card matchup?

When it comes to winning in sports, people have different views on what it takes for an individual or team to win a game. Though it can make a difference between the sports that is in question, many feel that age and experience will determine the outcome of the game. Speed and agility is always a good thing but experience, most will say, will overcome someone who is a novice. This may be true except when it comes to the Seahawks versus the Redskins; both quarterbacks are young as well as inexperienced when it comes to the NFL playoffs. With that said which team might have the advantage over their opponent?

One big factor will be home-field advantage and that goes to Washington. The Seahawks are known to be difficult to beat at home; however, they were only 3-5 away from home this season. Washington, on the other hand, has won four straight as well as five of six games at FedEx Field. Though impressive, it is important to keep in mind that Seattle has not only won their last two road games but has done so in impressive fashion.

For Washington to win, they need to continue to do what they did to the Dallas Cowboys and that is to successfully mix up the run and pass. Alfred Morris was the centerpiece with a balance of passing and RG3 running as well. As for their defense, they must put pressure on Russell Wilson in the hopes of him making rookie mistakes when throwing the ball. The other half is to stop Seattle’s running game and that means containing Marshawn Lunch.

As for Seattle to win, they need to win the physical battles with their front seven to keep pressure away from Wilson as well as for Lynch to run the ball successfully. The battle up front is also important with their defense so not only can they contain Alfred Morris from running effectively but to put pressure on RG3 and stop him from getting into a rhythm. With that said, RG3 is still playing hurt and not at 100%. That is something Seattle needs to exploit and it may come down to not which team plays better offensively but defensively.

Sports Net in the International Business Times picks Seattle to win over Washington because their defense should be able to overcome any home-field advantage Washington might have. If the game was being played in Seattle, most would say they would be a shoe-in to beat Washington because it is extremely difficult to beat the Seahawks at home.

Nevertheless, Seattle’s defense is that good to overcome Washington and their fan-base. Just don’t tell that to Chief Zee in Washington. Redskins Nation has come to acknowledge him as the team’s unofficial mascot and will be doing his best to get the crowd into the game. He says that the key to winning will be getting the crowd rocking at FedEx Field.

He says that “The fans have got to know you’ve got to make noise when (the Seahawks) go to the huddle. That’s when you want to make noise…so they can’t hear the play.” Redskins fan Dave Jackson will be one of many fans that will be very emotional come game time. He said, “Coming from the bottom of the NFC East for five consecutive years and jumping all the way to the top is so emotional. It’s a great feeling.”

It has been since 2007 that Redskins fans have been able to cheer for their team during the playoffs. With a remarkable run of winning seven straight victories that brought them to a surprisingly win of the NFC East championship, the whole team’s fan base, including the iconic Hogettes, clearly welcome the buss over the team. Boss Hogette, the Hogette’s leader, says, “They’ve been playing game-by-game for two months, and it just unifies the whole town.

Redskins vs Seahawks 2012 Playoffs

With the 2012 NFL Playoffs set to start in a few short days, SB Nation is cranking up its preview coverage. Next up is Matt Ufford, who breaks down the matchup between the Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks position by position. Who has the edge at quarterback, running back, wide receiver, in the trenches, in the secondary and on the sidelines? Find out and share your thoughts on what promises to be an exciting game between two teams led by rookie QB’s.

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