Zombie Fish Video Shows Headless Fish Wiggling In Market Display

Zombie Fish

Can fish come back from the dead and terrorize us while we’re trying to enjoy their delicious cuts of meat? One user on YouTube has sparked interesting in so-called, “Zombie Fish” states that you might find your fresh cuts of fish in. A YouTube user named AmmarZed uploaded a video of a fish fillet in a fish market wiggling and shaking as it was completely headless and should have been completely dead.

Enough people are interested in this zombie fish video that it has rocketed past 100,000 views on YouTube and received lots of comments and likes. The video when uploaded didn’t actually suggest that a coming zombie apocalypse was nearing with fish but simply called the video, “Very fresh fish.” Why does a dancing dead fish mean that the fish is still really fresh? Apparently the twitching and writhing of fish meat can reveal that the fish isn’t old because it still has active, “sodium channels.”

Who else but another YouTube user commented to reveal the potential scientific explanation of the zombie fish jumping around. The comment states what is going on much better than we can so here’s the comment, “You can actually fake this effect with a lot of different types of fish and cuts regardless of freshness. Basically as long as it has not been fully filleted all you have to do is apply some salt to the meat. The salt acts to refuel the sodium channels in the fishes muscle and allows it to spasm like that. As long as the bones and spine and muscle are attached it can do this. The limit is about a week if kept in good condition. So really it is a decent judge of freshness either way.”

It doesn’t seem that twitching dead fish is exactly the most rare thing either as many people added their own experience of the same type of situation. One person said, “this actually happens alot… this past summer I was fishing up north and one fish we caught was twitching for at least 15 minutes after it was killed, even when we chopped the fillet into pieces and battered it the pieces still twitched a bit.” Another user stated, “I once held a bag of fish freshly cut and it was twitching.” So the zombie fish phenomenon looks like it’s a common situation or… is it? Fish Zombies or just a natural occurrence that reveals fresh fish?

RAW Video of the wiggling zombie fish:

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