iPhone 5s Rumors of Multiple Color, Size Options and Summer 2013 Release Date


iPhone 5s Release Date

As we embark on another New Year one thing that seems to stay consistent is the advancement of technology and all these cool gadgets that appear throughout the year. I’m sure we will see never before seen cutting edge HD TV’s, upgrade navigation systems, and of course the new must have smart-phone that get smarter and smarter every year.

When it comes to the smartphone world you already know Apple wants to make their stamp on the market any chance they get. Last year Apple dished out several new products and at one point, the Apple stock reached an all-time high. However, the last few months of 2012 were not too kind to the company as their stock dropped a staggering 25%, hitting new lows for 2012.

Even though the back part of the year was a little dark for Apple, many experts like Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White believe Apple will have an outstanding 2013.

“Apple is our top overall pick for 2013,” White said in a statement at an investors meeting.

Maybe an early indication for Apple success this year could fall on the shoulders of their newest installment of the popular iPhone, which many believe will be the iPhone 5s. There are still rumors and speculations for the release date of the phone, but early indications are centered on May-June, 2013 according to Yahoo!

“We have checked with the Apple team in which they indicated that the next iPhone will have more choices for customers, this also entails an expansion in both the color patterns and screen sizes with the next iPhone,” White said.

As of now, White believes that the iPhone 5s will be available in five distinctive colors which will be Pink, Yellow, Blue, White & Silver, and Black & Slate. The biggest difference for this newest iPhone will be the choice of having different sizes for the same phone. Apple has the 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5 and a 3.5-inch screen on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, but if they are able to offer the iPhone 5s with varies sizes it will be the first time the company has ever done this.

If the newest iPhone flies off the shelves, combined with upgraded versions of iPads, and iPods this year, Apple could be looking at another very successful year.

Sneak peek at the iPhone 5S

Images of the rear shell for the purported iPhone 5S have surfaced.

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