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ESPN Gay Kiss May Be The First For the Sports Network



ESPN Gay Kiss

You probably haven’t coined bowling is a manly sport or regarded it as a sport that only tough men ever play. I certainly know I never have! However, many people are still surprised with ESPN’s decision to air a pro bowler kissing his husband after winning the 2012 PBA Chameleon Championship in Las Vegas, NV.

The bowler is Scott Norton and after he was certain he pulled off the big win he approached his husband Craig Woodward with a bug hug and a short kiss on camera. Mr. Norton proceeded to cry loudly and bury his head into the shoulder of his partner and all continued on without a hitch. There isn’t really much controversy here as we’re all comfortable with Gay relationships at this point. What has been getting the buzz around the water cooler is the rarity of the event.

While different networks and other types of mediums have been adopting the homosexual lifestyle and airing the intimate lives of people, sports & their segments have stayed pretty far away from it. Many people are asking and also saying that this is likely the first time a Sports Network like ESPN has allowed unfettered access to openly gay relationships attached to their manly sports.

Either way congratulations to this years 2012 PBA Chameleon Championship winner Scott Norton, not only did he win he was also allowed to be himself. According to Mashable there is a gasp in the audience that can be heard when you watch the Scott Norton & Craig Woodward kiss on air around the 2:10 mark. What do you think, was it time for this march forward in Sports Broadcasting?

2013 WSOB Chameleon Dramatic Finish (Spoilers)

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jaime Perez

    January 2, 2013 at 7:52 pm

    Thank you for sharing my video.

    Unfortunately there is no gasp in the crowd, I would know I filmed the behind the scenes of the event. I am a gay bowler as well and totally advocate of gay rights, I do think it would have been awesome if it happened that way.

    Also, Scott was crying before his husband hugged him, this was because one of Scott’s really close bowling friends, and a big name is bowling, had just passed away and he was dedicating the win to him, that is the reason he was crying. This wasn’t the first time won a title on TV.

    Here is the behind the scenes of the event, featuring more interviews with Scott.

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Toronto Raptors Makes NBA History After A 114-110 Game 6 Win Against GSW

Toronto makes history as the first Canadian team to win NBA championship following a 114-110 Game 6 win tonight, Kawhi Leonard wins Finals MVP. Click To Tweet



Toronto makes history as the first Canadian team to win NBA championship following a 114-110 Game 6 win tonight.
Toronto Raptors becomes the first Canadian Team to win an NBA Championship. Photo: Michael Tipton | Flickr | CC BY-SA 2.0

Toronto Raptors make history tonight as the first Canadian champion of the NBA franchise following a close win against the three-time champion, Golden State Warrior.

The tight Game 6 concluded with the historic victory of the Raptors in a 114-110 win against GSW at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California tonight. In a celebratory statement, Kyle Lowry empathically addressed Canadian saying that the team has brought the trophy “home.”

“Canada, we brought it home, baby. Canada, we brought it home,” Kyle Lowry said after the team was presented with the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy.

Kyle Lowry ringed two four –three-pointers and Pascal Siakam made another two openings the first quarter for the Raptors with a nine-point lead. Amidst the rallying lead on the second quarter, the Raptors entered half-game in a three-point lead against Golden State Warriors in 60-57 in favor of the Canadian team.

Klay Thompson left mid-game following an unexpected knee injury

Regaining the lead during the third quarter, an unfortunate knee injury of one of GSW’s star players, Klay Thompson stumped the momentum for the Warriors. The player was briefly assessed by the doctors before returning to the court to shoot two free throws on a foul but left right after for further assessment.

Thompson went down hard after a contested dunk from the Toronto Raptors‘ Danny Green and seemed to land awkwardly on his left knee. A foul was called against Green following what happened. Officials reviewed the sequence shortly after but determined it was a common foul. The Warriors star player played 32 minutes and had 30 points, including four threes. Early the fourth quarter, a Warriors staff has announced that Thompson will be leaving the game.

The remaining quarter has seen the teams in a neck to neck match, but the Raptors overcame winning the entire tournament making history as the first Canadian team to win the NBA Championship. In the end, the offensive strategy employed by the Raptors in Game 6 has seen 12 three-pointers – two more than the previous game.

Lowry ended up scoring 26 points while Siakam got 26 points. Fred VanVleet scored 22 points.

Kawhi Leonard wins Finals MVP

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A post shared by Kawhi Leonard (@kawhielite) on

Kawhi Leonard of Toronto Raptors was named the Finals MVP posting 22 points, six rebounds and three assists to power a 114-110 win against the GSW. Leonard was dominant in the series, averaging 28.5 points, 9.8 rebounds, 4.2 assists, 2.0 blocks, and 1.2 steals.

Analysts agreed that the Leonard had become a significant force in making the Canadian championship happen with his efforts helped him secured the Bill Russell Finals MVP Award for the second time in his career. His first came as a member of the San Antonio Spurs’ championship squad in 2014.

The recent win of Leonard stamps his name alongside basketball legends Abdul-Jabbar and James as the only players to earn Finals MVPs with two different franchises.

Furthermore, Leonard becomes the 12th player to win two or more Finals MVP awards overall in their career. Of the 11 previous players on that list, seven of them are in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

The previous multiple Finals MVP winners in NBA history are Willis Reed (1970, ’73); Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (’71, ’85); Magic Johnson (’80, ’82, ’87); Larry Bird (’84, ’86); Michael Jordan (’91-93, ’96-98); Hakeem Olajuwon (’94, ’95); Tim Duncan (’98, 2003, ’05); Shaquille O’Neal (’00-02); Kobe Bryant (’09, ’10); LeBron James (’12, ’13, ’16) and Kevin Durant (’17, ’18).

Meanwhile, Warriors coach Steve Kerr congratulated the Raptors for their win on Thursday night.

“They’re a fantastic basketball team — great defensively, they share the ball, play a beautiful style, a lot of great two-way players,” he said.

“Winning a championship is an ultimate in this league, and they’ve got a lot of guys who’ve earned this. So congrats to Toronto, to their organization, to their fans — they are a worthy champion.”

Tonight’s win concludes the impressive season run of the Raptors after Toronto defeated the Orlando Magic, the Philadelphia 76ers and the Milwaukee Bucks to face off in the Finals against the two-time defending champions.

Beginning the playoff season 2018-2019, Raptors President Masai Ujiri has set lofty goals for the Raptors to secure the championship this season. The team acquired Leonard from San Antonio Spurs along with Danny Green in exchange for DeMar DeRozan. Marc Gasol was later added to the roster at the trade deadline in February.

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England Football Team Criticized For Delaying Tributes To NZ Terrorists Attack Victims



England Football Team Criticized For Delaying Tributes To NZ Terrorists Attack Victims

Aside from giving “the” entertainment in the field of sports, the English Football Association will also pay homage to the suffering families and victims of Christchurch Mosque attacks before finally entering the 2020 qualifying tournament against the Czech Republic at Wembley.

The announcement was initially made through Twitter, saying that the national team would pay tribute to the people killed in New Zealand at England vs. Czech Republic match on Friday, March 22, 2019.

“We will remember everyone affected by the terrible events in Christchurch.” the FA tweeted.

The shootout killed 50 people and wounded 48 victims when the perpetrators attacked two mosques on Friday. Brenton Tarrant, a 28-year old Australian was caught and arrested after the incident happened. He was eventually charged with murder on Saturday.

Critics said that the FA team was obliged to do their tribute after being condemned for not participating or holding its version of paying respect to the victims. A minute’s of silence for the Christchurch victims was held before the weekend’s Six Nations rugby union games, as well as, on rugby league’s Super League Fixtures but not at the Premier League, EFL or FA Cup matches.

The teams were accused of ‘double standards’ for not paying respect towards the attack on a weekend. “It is double standards and hypocrisy. To hold a minute’s silence was the right thing to do. When it happens for the events, it has to happen across the board for every attack.”

The former Chair of the FA race equality board, Yunus Lunat, emphasized the football’s failure to honor the victims, comparing the leagues’ action to the previous acts of terrorism on Paris in November 2015. It led the world of sports when Premier League clubs made an effort to encourage everyone on wearing black armbands and played the national anthem of France as a sign of paying respect to the victims of the Paris terror attacks, wherein 130 people were killed, and hundreds were wounded.

Lunat told BBC Sport: “There is no excuse, whenever something has happened, not even on the same scale, football has always come out and paid tribute.” He then added that this happens because the team lacks senior role models and ethnic executives that would lead them in an important event such as this.

The issue also extended to a more serious topic such as the lack of Muslims in leadership roles in sport, particularly football, even though there were qualified ones who applied for the position.

The incident created several hate responses in the internet spaces including Twitter which led to the creation of hashtags such as ‘#MoreToFootball?,’ and ‘#MuslimLivesDontMatter.’ But the famous among the hashtags is #Doublestandards proliferates not just in Twitter but also in different media platforms.

One employment lawyer wrote in his twitter account ‘Shame on you FA, premier league, EFL,’ which is later supported by thousands of Twitter users who demanded that the national team has neglected its part as a huge influencer in the name of sport. It could gather a lot of audiences and encourage them to also heed a tribute to the victims, especially to the families who mourn for their loss.

Outgoing Premier League CEO Richard Scudamore has expressed his side on the issue. He said at the time when Paris was attacked, and they represented ‘solidarity and remembrance.’

It became a missed opportunity for the team to make a massive statement about what is happening around the world, and it was also a great chance to speak out and be counted.

But a statement from FA confirmed that the team would be having its tribute and defended itself from further scrutiny. Yahoo reported that Watford, Swansea, Wolves, and Millwall were all at home for their FA Cup quarterfinal held at the weekend. The FA said that “it is up to the clubs if they want to hold a silence or not. We would support them if they did”. After all, the FA Cup is the FA’s competition. If it shows a lack of leadership, then it might be the end of a sport which grows out of deep sense of cooperation as well as loyalty to each other.

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Stephen Curry Made Under Armour Icon Curry 6 Available On Women’s Section In Celebration Of Women’s Month



The nine-year-old girl who once asked Stephen Curry why his iconic sneakers have boys sizes only made a profound impact not just to the basketball star but also to the society and women sector as a whole.

The little kid’s demand to equally create sizes for girls inspired Curry and the shoe company to introduce its new sneakers intended not just only for the opposite sex. Under Armour said in a statement that the girl designed the sock liner and came up with the idea that customers should have the option of personalizing the sock liner with their photo.

This movement started when Riley Morrison, 9, wrote a letter to Curry in November saying that she had tried to purchase his Under Icon Curry 5 sneakers online but found out that there was no size available for girls. Then, she innocently asked Curry if the same shoe design could be available for girls her age.

Curry, who responded in the letter shortly after receiving it, promised to converse with Under Armour to put the iconic shoes in the girl’s section. As a gift, the Golden State Warriors point guard is going to send her a pair of his newest Curry 6 sneakers a day before its official release.

If you come to think of it, ever since the release of Curry’s iconic shoes under the same company, there have been numerous demands from fans around the world to create sizes for women. So why now? What is the motive behind launching the new Curry Icon 6 shoes today if the company can certainly do it a long time ago?

Mainly because its the International Women’s Day. It’s a way for Curry and the rest of Under Armour to launch the said shoes in celebration and to honor women who have been brave and fought countless battles throughout their lives.

By bringing the shoes to the women’s section, it only symbolizes that the barrier between both sexes in the field of sports is gradually breaking. Meaning to say, creating sizes for women breaks the notion that basketball is a profession meant for men only. Though there is already a basketball association for women and the said sports is being played on a national level, the degree of acceptance is still low. With this, Curry is emphasizing an equal amount of opportunity in all aspects for both men and women.

Stephen Curry is the face of Under Armour, a multinational corporation that manufactures footwear, sports, and casual apparel. It has widened its reach over the years by building headquarters and store chains in Amsterdam, Paris, Portland and almost different countries around the world. So, it is just fair to say that a letter from Morrison will be left only in a pile of correspondence and emails from fans all over the US. However, this is another opportunity for Curry and the company to incorporate its recent project about building nationwide camps for women.

Launching the said shoes for women opens a new door for Curry, as he continues to focus on empowering women through basketball. It eventually leads to justifying the fact that, to empower women in society, one should promote their participation in all areas and sectors to bring gender equality through equal opportunities.

So far, the camp has already been to three different cities and is planning to reach far-flung areas in the US this year.

Women empowerment is not just about elevating the status of women in the society, but also recognizing their rights and capabilities as they pursue a career in different fields including business, science, arts, and politics. Thus, eliminating gender discrimination and stereotypes in all ways. Moreover, women should make their own decisions by breaking personal rules, which are too restricting, that society and family have created for them.

In the same context, empowerment also refers to how men play a significant role in facilitating the recognition of these women in any way they can. Curry’s initiative to launch sports shoes for women and building camps to encourage young girls with impressive skills to pursue basketball is a way on how men participate in empowering women.

The shoe known as Under Armour Icon Curry 6, under the program slogan, ‘United We Win,’ has a mixed color of dark and light purple with a figure of two girls holding a basketball on a sock liner with empowering messages that read “Rock the Currys”, “Girl Power” and “Be Bold.” Consumers can purchase the shoes for 130 dollars and the sales generated from these sneakers will go to a scholarship of all incoming college women in the Bay area.

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