ESPN Gay Kiss May Be The First For the Sports Network

ESPN Gay Kiss

You probably haven’t coined bowling is a manly sport or regarded it as a sport that only tough men ever play. I certainly know I never have! However, many people are still surprised with ESPN’s decision to air a pro bowler kissing his husband after winning the 2012 PBA Chameleon Championship in Las Vegas, NV.

The bowler is Scott Norton and after he was certain he pulled off the big win he approached his husband Craig Woodward with a bug hug and a short kiss on camera. Mr. Norton proceeded to cry loudly and bury his head into the shoulder of his partner and all continued on without a hitch. There isn’t really much controversy here as we’re all comfortable with Gay relationships at this point. What has been getting the buzz around the water cooler is the rarity of the event.

While different networks and other types of mediums have been adopting the homosexual lifestyle and airing the intimate lives of people, sports & their segments have stayed pretty far away from it. Many people are asking and also saying that this is likely the first time a Sports Network like ESPN has allowed unfettered access to openly gay relationships attached to their manly sports.

Either way congratulations to this years 2012 PBA Chameleon Championship winner Scott Norton, not only did he win he was also allowed to be himself. According to Mashable there is a gasp in the audience that can be heard when you watch the Scott Norton & Craig Woodward kiss on air around the 2:10 mark. What do you think, was it time for this march forward in Sports Broadcasting?

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  1. Thank you for sharing my video.

    Unfortunately there is no gasp in the crowd, I would know I filmed the behind the scenes of the event. I am a gay bowler as well and totally advocate of gay rights, I do think it would have been awesome if it happened that way.

    Also, Scott was crying before his husband hugged him, this was because one of Scott’s really close bowling friends, and a big name is bowling, had just passed away and he was dedicating the win to him, that is the reason he was crying. This wasn’t the first time won a title on TV.

    Here is the behind the scenes of the event, featuring more interviews with Scott.

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