Employ Adam Goes Viral On Twitter With Billboard Ad

Adam Pacitti

What’s a guy to do when he can’t get a job and keeps getting turned down from his employment applications? Well of course the answer is to spend his last £500 on a billboard with a plea, “Please Give Me A Job.” That was the idea of Adam Pacitti who is 24 years old and obviously in search of a job.

What type of job does Adam want? It seems that Adam is looking for a job in Media or some form of it and he’s utilizing one tool of the media with billboard advertising. His stunt seems to be working in the exposure side of things, with the current count of retweets on Twitter of his billboard photo at 2,801 retweets and 192 favorites.

Employ Adam Pacitti Billboard

It was literally just days ago that Adam Pacitti was probably wondering how all of this would go when he tweeted out, “Very excited to be launching my latest thing on the 31st. Also very unprepared.” His honesty is pretty raw at times and he keeps it humorous just as he does in the beginning of his explanation about himself. Adm starts off his About Me page with, “I’d like to say that I’ve always wanted to work in ‘the media’ but it wouldn’t be true. Until I was nine I wanted to be a professional wrestler in the WWF. I’ve since tried wrestling and it turns out that I’m far too uncoordinated for it.”

While Adam is getting a lot of support and encouragement there are definitely the haters out there too. Adam keeps it funny again by thanking everyone for the positive messages, “and the negative ones, obviously.” Adam Pacitti is a UK resident and will most likely be looking for work somewhere in England. With that said, if he got an amazing offer from a media company internationally he just may make the jump.

The resume of Adam Pacitti is shared on his website: EmployAdam.com. Adam graduated from University of Winchester in 2012 with a BA in Media Production. For more details and information jump on over to his site but don’t forget to give the guy a retweet, Facebook like or LinkedIn shout out.

Here’s Adam’s promo video & CV called Employ Adam:

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