Self-driving Shuttle Coming To A Location Near You, Robot Revolution

Self-Driving Shuttle Cybergo

If you were thinking that it would be a decade before you hopped into a robot driven bus, car or shuttle to be whisked away to your destination, think again. Orders and logistics are already being planned and placed for fully autonomous shuttles at places like the University of West Florida.

According to a press release the self-driving shuttle called the Cybergo was launched for the United States market just recently. If you’re curious to see how the self-driven shuttle gets people around you can ride in it yourself during the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. If you can’t wait that long, starting on January 27th, 2013 photo-ops, video and interviews can be had with the Cybergo at the Indianapolis Speedway to February 1st, 2013. You’ll actually be able to hop in the robot driven shuttle and see what it’s like yourself.

How exactly does this self driving shuttle pull off the magic of driving without a human? Well, you could almost compare this sucker to a Roomba vacuum that are so popular on the market and was one of the first experiences for America to have a robot in their home. With that said, the developers of the Cybergo robot shuttle would probably not like that comparison. So the tech you can expect to find pointing this robot driver in the right direction are laser sensors, GPS technology, Cameras, Gyroscopes, Accelerometers and more to decide what direction it is going, speed and how far hit has gone.

The fuel of this vehicle won’t be guzzling any type of gas as it’s fully electric. Induct Technology says the robotic vehicle is powered through induction using magnetic fields, no cables and can actually go on it’s own 24 hours a day. That’s right, this zero emission robot revolution doesn’t need anyone to fuel it up. This driver-less shuttle isn’t too replace subways, buses or other transportation options like taxis but is to get you there in the “last mile” in the destination. You can expect to get there at speed up to 15 mph.

To get an idea of how this vehicle works you can watch the video from Mobility Solutions Induct America. For test drives of this autonomous shuttle you can contact the company directly at their website.

Cybergo Self-driving Shuttle by Induct

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