Gun Show in Las Vegas Sees Record Turnout & Sales of Guns & Ammunition

Gun Show Record Attendance

Just a couple weeks ago President Obama announced he would urge Congress to find a way to address the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting no later than January 2013. Many people in the United States have taken that to mean that gun control legislation is on it’s way. Discussions on national news stations like CNN have taken bizarre turns with people like Piers Morgan saying he would deport himself from the United States if guns were not banned. Facebook has also erupted in graphics that share gun control statistics and starting arguments and debates throughout the social media landscape.

Another big change is Gun Shows like Crossroads of the West Gun Show at Cashman Center are seeing panic buying of all types of guns and ammunition. What seems to be most popular are assault rifle models like the AR15 and AK47. It is suspected that assault rifles and their high capacity magazines will be the first targeted with gun control laws that could be passed soon.

The pricing of assault rifles was also effected by the increased demand and growing scarcity of these popular rifles. According to a video uploaded by YouTube user Mixflip the West Gunshow in Vegas had ARk15’s priced up to $3,000 a piece when normal prices are $900 and AK47’s were priced up to $2,000 each with a normal price of $600 dollars. One thing that didn’t see drastic increases in prices was the ammunition for things like a semi-automatic AK 47. The same YouTube user said they bought 1,000 rounds of AK47 ammunition for $249 which is in a normal price range for ammo.

A few pictures of the lines at this recent gun show in Las Vegas below show that people weren’t deterred by high price spikes from these gun dealers and collectors. People were lining up in lines that took hours to just buy tickets to get into the gun show sales floor. In the Las Vegas Sun the Crossroads of the West Gun Show owner Bob Templeton said, “We were expecting busy, but this may be our biggest show in 35 years. People are coming out in response to the concerns about firearms and ammunition restrictions.” The estimate that Mr. Templeton thought showed up to the gun show was 12,000 people for the first day of the show which was way more than he had ever seen.

Gun Show Attendees Lining Up

In other reports from places like the Las Vegas Review Journal Bob Templeton was sourced as saying, “Ammunition is the big-ticket item these days; dealers were selling out.” The theory from Mr. Templeton was pretty solid to the point when he told the Las Vegas Review Journal, “There’s this movement now to regulate, constrict or even confiscate firearms, and what lawmakers want to do is weaken the Second Amendment (of the U.S. Constitution), which is the right to bear arms.”

It wasn’t all just lines and empty ammo supply boxes at the show in Las Vegas. The streets were also backed up with traffic of cars in lines that just didn’t seem to clean out until the Vegas Gun Show was over. The show didn’t start until 9am and people were backed up way before then according to KSNV MyNews3.

Gun Show Cars Lined Up

Las Vegas Gun Show Traffic

With these record attendances at gun shows it certainly seems that fear has set in and citizens around the U.S. are clamoring to gun shows to buy up as many potentially bannable semi-automatic rifles and ammunition that they can. What some don’t seem too clear about is what they’ll do if the order for confiscation of these types of guns is passed as part of the gun legislation.

We’re including video of the panic buying, lines and direct reporting of the Las Vegas Crossroads of the West Gun Show. Popular discussions have been opening up in the comment section with someone people railing against gun enthusiasts. The top comments from the post were things like, “I hope all those folks in line had voted in November. If they stayed at home because they didn’t like the candidates, they deserve to be part of the crowd in the parking lot.” The owner of the video also stated, “Unfortunately waiting until something actually happens means millions of gun enthusiasts will be left behind and it will be too late for them. I saw this coming 6 months ago so I have what I want/need. But I feel sorry for the younger guys/gals that procrastinated or didn’t have the money before the panic set it.” No matter what happens with legislation it will be quite the time period of panic buying with guns and ammo until the public figures out what kind of gun control laws are going to be enforced and passed into law.

Gun show panic buying – Las Vegas Dec 2012

The lines to get in were insanely long. The lines to buy ammo were insanely long. The prices to buy guns were insanely marked up.

Its truly a sad time to be a firearms enthusiast. Panic has set in and EVERYTHING is being over priced to take advantage of us. How are the gun shows in your area?

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