Apple To Produce an iWatch?

Apple iWatch Release Date

Pebble isn’t the only smartwatch getting some press this holiday season. Two sources have told Tech.123 that Apple and Intel are working on a 1.5″ screen watch that will be bluetooth enabled.

Apple has currently been caught up in a whirlwind number of reports that they are going to be producing an Apple TV product, but this could be behind the iWatch.

There have been a number of smartwatches in the past, but none have truly captured the market. Recently, a very popular Kickstarter project from Pebble has brought new life to the concept. It had nearly 70,000 backers, but due to delays it will be out in early 2013. Tight integration with both Apple and Android devices was the popular feature among many backers.

Thousands of consumers also use fitness products that resemble watches to track calorie intake and calories burned. Many of those same products connect to iPhones via bluetooth to sync and share the data. Apple knows how many products use its API’s and that a market is already in place. Some of the more popular devices like the Nike Fuel Band, Fitbit and Jawbone Up could see a major decrease in sales if the Apple watch is affordable.

Details are scarce as most early reports are, but a few items are noteworthy. Partnering with Intel is not a surprise as they have an existing relationship, but Intel is just starting its journey into the mobile processor path.

Apple currently works with ARM for the iPad and iPhone processors and a leap away from them is a little odd. Wearable computing products are expected to become a large part of the industry and Apple will obviously want to be apart of it. Rival Google, has a product in Project Glass that appears to be gaining in popularity, but the price is currently prohibitive.

Apple could have played its hand a little early as PC Mag points out. “Earlier this year, Apple decided to update the iPod nano with a totally new design, one that instantly rendered obsolete iPod nano accessories that essentially turn the device into a kind of smartwatch.”

There were many 3rd party products that paired well and had been fully functional on the old nano design. A few Kickstarter projects were immediately canceled as soon as Apple released the updated product. Was this Apple’s version of clearing out the market for their own product to thrive as soon as it was launched?

It’s early, but 2013 looks like it could be a year full of new product launches for the team from Cupertino.

Apple-Intel iWatch Rumors

Recent rumors of Apple and Intel working together to build a new watch.

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