Josh Brent Indicted in Death of Dallas Cowboys Teammate

Josh Brent Arrested

Nearly three weeks after being arrested for Driving Under the Influence, Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent has been indicted by a grand jury Wednesday for felony intoxication manslaughter. Brent ended up crashing his car on December 8th that killed his friend and teammate Jerry Brown.

There has been no reported trial date set in the case nor has the Cowboys made any comments regarding the case or taken additional action against Brent. When Brent was originally arrested, he had to produce a $500,000 bond to stay out of jail. The amount was dropped to $100,000 so long as he wears a special ankle monitor that detects if he has been consuming any alcohol.

According to a copy of the arrest report obtained by CBS DFW, Brent’s blood-alcohol level was 0.189 – more than twice what the legal limit is. Also, Brown and Brent were not wearing any seat-belts though they remained inside the 2007 Mercedes that Brent was driving.

Additionally, the report stated that Brent did not have any proof of insurance in the car as well as driving with an expired and suspended Illinois driver’s license. An unopened alcoholic beverage was discovered on the scene. Brent previously was convicted of a DUI charge in 2009.

An accident investigator reported that Brent “was intoxicated, speeding over the limit, and failed to drive in a single lane.” The report states that Brent was driving on the 114 service road when he hit the right curb, causing him to lose control of his vehicle. Though he steered to the left and back to the right over-correcting, the car slid out of control into the right curb. The car then slid into a ditch, overturned and slid on the roof back onto the roadway until the Mercedes stopped.

Brown’s mother has been extremely supportive to Brent and has asked the team to do so as well. Brent was supposed to start for the Cowboys on the day he was released from jail and though he did not travel with the team for that game, he was seen on the sideline the following week during a home game against the Steelers.  Many people felt it was inappropriate for Brent to have been on the sideline and was told not to do so again.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello responded to questions regarding actions the league might take against Brent in a statement to CBS DFW by saying, “The Cowboys have put him on their reserve list so he is not eligible to play. He will be subject to league discipline at the appropriate time.”

If convicted of felony intoxication manslaughter, he could be sentenced to a minimum of probation up to the maximum sentence of 20 years in prison.

George Milner, Brent’s attorney, spoke with 1080 KRLD the indictment was not a surprise. “In a situation like this you know there is going to be an indictment, there is not any conceivable way there would not be. So yes, we expected this and are prepared for this.”

Josh Brent Formally Indicted

Cowboys DT Josh Brent formally indicted on one count of intoxication manslaughter.

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