Microsoft, Sony, Apple Headline Most Anticipated Gadgets for 2013

Top Gadgets for 2013

With another Christmas in the books and another year of impressive and popular technology gadgets making headlines, it is once again time to look ahead to what 2013 will bring us. Two of the most anticipated tech gadgets for next year are by far two new gaming consoles from both Microsoft and Sony. Even though there are still rumors and speculations revolving around when the new Xbox and PlayStation will hit shelves, it is certain that both companies have been very hard at work on their company newest console, keeping tabs on each other as well.

For Microsoft they are in the works of the next version of Xbox which they have tentatively called the Xbox 720. It appears the 720 will most likely be cheaper and smaller than the xbox 360, and will try to continue to promote its vastly popular Xbox Kinect device. When it comes to head to head comparisons for the 720 and the PlayStation 4, analysis have suggested that the Xbox 720 is being searched more than the PlayStation 4. As far as popularity index goes the 720 is at around 66% while the PlayStation 4 sits around 34% according to Seeking Alpha.

When it comes to the PlayStation 4 the new system will look to run even smoother if possible, with a new Sony dual setup. The dual setup will make the new system run smoother and enhance the graphics as well according to Examiner. Even though the release date is not set yet Industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that Sony will make sure not to launch their new system after Xbox already releases theirs.

After we get past the gaming console world, the smart phone world is the next gadget that will certainly take 2013 by storm, and the Blackberry 10 is on that list. Blackberry has not really been that much of a factor trying to compete with the likes of the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy SIII, but there has been much anticipated for the newest Blackberry phone set to hit the market next year.

Even though the company lost contracts with the US government over security and reliability issues with RIM products, they have an operating system that looks to rival its competitors now. With the new Blackberry QWERTY keyboard, and touch screen version of the phone the company hopes to get back into the top brand names for smartphones come January 2013.

To wrap things up for projected top gadgets for 2013 we head to the tablet world where the Microsoft Surface Pro and the iPad 5 have tons of fans in anticipation for their release. Let start with the tablet/notebook that is the Microsoft Surface Pro, the newest version to this device is the Windows 8 pro version of it which is set to release in early 2013.  The new version will still all of those wonderful Windows 7 apps, along with this it will feature a 10.6 inch display that allows user to marvel large high-resolution displays according to CNET.

The device will have the power and system of a regular desktop or laptop computer, and with 64 bits it is a very top of the line tablet that has fans much anticipated for its release as well. This two pound device will come with a pen for those business minded individuals. Last but not least is the highly talked about and worldly anticipation of the iPad 5. The technology giant company of Apple never seems to ease up on producing products; with a heck of a year this year dishing out various new products, they now focus their attention to 2013 products.

At least one thing on the company list of new products will be the iPad 5.With much success from previous versions of the iPad including the most recent popular iPad mini, fans of Apple are eager to see what the iPad 5 will feature. The new iPad 5 is rumor to be release in March of 2013 which is the same time when the iPad 3 was released according to LA Times. Two generations of iPad’s later we have what is likely to the thinnest and lightest iPad of them all, with the iPad 5 being 2 millimeters thinner and 17 millimeters narrower, along with boasting a retina display.

2012 was a very competitive and successful year for technology gadgets; let’s see what 2013 has to offer.

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