Facebook Announces Test Run for $1 Messaging Feature

Facebook Messenger

Ever since Facebook first burst into the social media world back in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg and company have continued to fine tool their social media website giant to the tune of 400 million visitors a month. With Facebook being the most popular social media site in the world, the staff always seems to find new ways to promote the website to its billions of fans. Within the eight years of its existence Facebook has morphed from just a cool way to connect with friends online, to re-connecting and having a daily impact in people lives.

As you know already Facebook has added a few new features in the past year or so including Timeline, Face Time, and new privacy settings just to name a few. Well it appears the company is at it again, but their newest idea is still in the “Experimenting” stages. The company announced yesterday that they are currently testing a service that will charge $1 to guarantee that, messages they send to people they are not friends with will arrive in the users’ inbox, rather than in the much ignored folder called “other” according to Yahoo.

The company mentioned in a blog post that they have a small group of individuals in the United States that they are trying the service out with, while also mentioning why this service is relevant.

“Several commentators and researchers” think a fee will keep unwanted messages out and encourage relevant messages, and we think charging for messages could help discourage spammers,” Facebook posted

The company gave a few examples of situations where people could take advantage of the $1 service. One of the examples stated that a person could send a message to someone they heard speak at an event but are not friends with. Also if you want to message someone about a job opportunity, Facebook believes you could utilize this message feature to do so according to CNET.

This is not exactly the first payment option for Facebook, if you recall back in October of this year, Facebook unveiled another feature that lets users pay if they want more people to read their updates. For $7, users can promote a post to their friends, just as advertisers do.

Facebook also mentioned in their blog post that they will be fine tuning their E-mail service as well.

So what is your take on the $1 message feature, do you think they will go through with it or is it a bad idea?

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