Winter Snow Storm Draco Hits the Midwest

Winter Storm Draco

It has been a long time coming, and with only weeks left in December states all across the nation are gearing up for the first real snow storm of the winter season. Like it or not the snow is coming, especially for the Midwest states, as temperatures are beginning to drop dramatically. This is just the beginning of what is expected to be a major Snowstorm in the coming weeks.

With the Rocky Mountains getting blanketed early last week the storm has made a slow but strong push to most if not all of the Midwest states. The storm has already been deadly, claiming three lives as of today, causing dangerous driving conditions, and might cause more airport delays if the weather conditions get worse.

Forecasters have predicted that the heaviest snow is expected to hit Northwest Missouri and branching out to Milwaukee, Chicago, and Michigan. These areas are predicted to get at least a foot to three feet of snow in the coming days.

Parts of Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, and Missouri had school closings due to blowing snow, which also caused around 130,000 homes to be without power. While the second busiest airport in the nation Chicago’s O’Hara canceled close to 200 flights due to heavy fog, and heavy winds.

“The snow cover will  definitely drag temperatures much lower in Iowa and Nebraska, we’re talking single digits. We may even see some sub-zero temperatures in Nebraska,” National Weather Service meteorologist Scott Dergan said.

“This cold weather will most likely stick around for several days, maybe even until the day after Christmas, so we’re definitely going to have a white Christmas,” Dergan added.

Unfortunately, the snow is not the only cause for concern for people, as strong winds are reported to be from 30-50 mph damaging homes and business in areas of the South including Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Along with these strong winds Tornado warnings and Tornado watches have been reported in some areas in the south.  Which includes Alabama, who had a deadly tornado hit Tuscaloosa back in 2011. As a result of this storm some 400,000 residents in Mobile Alabama have lost power according to NBC News.

To call this storm unusual would be an understatement we expect snowstorms come December but so late in December has people scratching their head, and for some reason were having Tornado threats in winter?  The upcoming weeks are sure to be something to watch out for.

Winter Storm hits Midwest

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Draco Producing Big Snows

Winter Storm Draco is forecast to bring heavy snow to parts of the Midwest and Northeast.

Severe Weather in the South from Draco

Winter Storm Draco is bringing some severe weather with it.

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