Annapolis Maryland Massive Substation Explosion Puts 46,000 Without Power During Outage [video]

Annapolis Maryland Substation Explosion

People are all a buzz about the massive power outage that just hit Annapolis Maryland in Anne Arundel County. So far the total number of people without power in Maryland is up to 46,000 people. The specific timing of the power outage has people speculating and making jokes about the end of the world on December 21st, 2012 coming early to Maryland.

UPDATE: Baltimore Sun is now saying that the number is up to 70,000 homes and businesses in Maryland after a disruption to two main lines servicing the area.

Many people on Twitter are hashtagging their tweets as they talk about the Maryland transformer explosion with things like: #endoftheworld #itsstarting and more. While Twitter is sharing all the drastic and dramatic sides of the lights in the sky and the transformer explosion in Annapolis, official reports are more specific.

A radio station in Maryland WTOP 103.5 FM talked to Baltimore Gas & Electric and confirmed that it was, “two main feeders into Annapolis” that went down and that crews were en route to fix the problem. BGE didn’t confirm there were fires from the explosion.

If you think the flashing lights and dramatic social media statuses are all an “End of the World” Hoax for the Mayan 2012 day, YouTube videos show the explosions are definitely real. One video was listed by RideThaWave on YouTube and was simply titled, “Generators go outn Annapolis.” The explosion was quiet large and could be seen as red, blue, yellow and white flashes the lit up the entire sky until the entire city went pitch black into a dark cover. The men in the video showed people running after the explosion was over and commenting it wasn’t the end of the world from the Mayans but the New World Order.

Another video titled, “Annapolis, MD Explosion” shares some profanity as someone sees the explosion on the other side of their house. The people in the video start laughing about the end of the world. Many videos from around the Maryland area are being released in real-time through Twitter and YouTube. We’ll share the videos and some tweets that people are sending out below:

Generators go out in Annapolis

One comment on this specific video said, “Out here in Annapolis it was VERY bright…like daytime, red blue and yellow. All my neighbors drove away screaming. People were on their porches just staring in awe…being the eve of 12/21, I’m sure I can speak for many people when I say we had second thoughts like “wow, the world is really going to end!” LOL”

Another comment just a couple of minutes ago said, “Nice shot! I’m in West Annapolis and saw the sky glowing from this…apparently the substation across from Annapolis Mall “blew up.””

Annapolis, MD Explosion

Annapolis, MD: Crazy Lights in the sky.

Sky was flashing, and there’s a huge power outage on the night before December 21, 2012!

Apocalypse Near Annapolis

Crazy colors on the horizon. What the heck was that?

Tweets from the Annapolis Explosion:


Confirmation from BGE’s Twitter Account on the Outage:


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