Suri Cruise Spoiled with Christmas Presents by Both Parents

Suri Cruise Christmas Presents

Suri Cruise will be getting some very nice Christmas gifts this year by her parents, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. I guess when you are the child of two very well known movie stars, you really have no time to want or need things.

Katie Holmes reportedly bought a $24,000 Victorian playhouse for Suri Cruise which comes complete with running water and electricity.

Additional options including recessed lighting, play lofts, sunrooms, media rooms, eat-in kitchens, dining rooms, intercoms connected to the main home, garages to store kids’ riding toys, picket fences, arbors, extensive landscaping, and more. The website (Sweet Retreat Kids) adds that because of the 8ft ceiling height the playhouse can be enjoyed by adults as well.

But, Celebuzz recently learned that the Grand Victorian Playhouse wasn’t bought for Suri Cruise. Stacy Evrard, owner of Sweet Retreat Kids, told Celebuzz, “We have not sold this playhouse to Katie Holmes.”

Either way, if Suri gets the Victorian playhouse or not, she will be receiving other things for Christmas. She will also be getting an iPad mini and a $9,700 children’s Mercedes-Benz car. The little fashionista will be getting some new clothes to go along with her new toys; a Chloe fur coat and a Ralph Lauren dress.

Those are just the gifts Suri will be getting from her mom; what about her dad, Tom Cruise whom she will be celebrating Christmas with and later with her mother.

It’s being reported that Tom Cruise plans to make this the best Christmas ever for his children and family. Maybe he feels guilty from the divorce between him and Katie Holmes.

Tom Cruise is reportly buying a $13.5 million mansion in Upstate New York. A place for Suri to keep her pony and all of her other toys, including a $30,000 miniature race car he bought for her in 2010.

The source said, “Obviously there isn’t anywhere to keep a pony at Katie’s apartment, so this place is ideal. It also has space for her toys, many of which have been in storage since Katie quit their LA mansion.”

Suri Cruise’s $130,000 Christmas Wish List

In Touch Weekly got a hold of Suri’s Christmas list and all the things she’s asking for equal $130,000 worth of stuff and Tom and Katie want to buy her all of it. Suri asked for a pony because all little girls want ponies. She also asked for diamond earrings and gowns that will make her look “like a fairy princess.” Because its Suri, Armani will probably end up making her custom fairy gowns

Tom Cruise Buys Suri $13.5 Million Mansion For Christmas?

Tom Cruise has one upped his ex wife Katie Holmes and bought a 13.5 million house. Tom has purchased the home out in Upstate New York.

Katie Holmes Spends HOW MUCH On Suri’s Christmas Presents?!

What do you get the little girl who has everything, aka Suri Cruise.
Well, according to mom Katie Holmes, buy her everything.

Tom Cruise Gets Suri On Christmas, Katie Holmes Spending Holidays Alone

Katie Holmes is spending Christmas alone and its super sad that she wont get to spend the holidays with her mini me. Looks like its time for Tom to spoil little Suri.

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