Gun Control Debate: Obama Announces Formation of Policy Making Group

Obama Gun Control

Today President Obama announced the creation of an inter-agency group to develop gun control policy, naming Vice President Joe Biden, a staunch supporter of gun control, as the head of the policy making committee.

A January time frame, just weeks away, was declared as the deadline for gun policy recommendations. This gun control committee formation and quick policy deadline comes at the busiest time of year for most U.S. citizens. It will likely be buoyed along by the media’s daily, detailed and extensive coverage of the recent tragic attack on innocent people in Newtown, Connecticut.

The abundant emotional coverage during the holiday season could pave the way for legislation to be rushed along and pushed into law without logical oversight by a calm populace. Failure to take note of the potential erosion of a Constitutional right is underway as Americans mourn over the details of the precious children and brave women slaughtered by a madman.

The horrific crime at Sandy Hook Elementary School should not have happened. Yet, one warped individual should not be the catalyst for the legal stripping away of a basic right of all sane U.S. citizens. If you needed to protect your loved ones in your home, should an intruder attempt to climb through your kitchen window, you should have the right to own a gun to defend your family.

The right to bear arms is part of the founding of our nation, one of the first Constitutional rights put into place as the prevailing law of the land. The Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights circa 1791, being one of the ten core Bill of Rights that amongst other inherent principles, “allows us our right of self-defense, ability to repel invasion, and to deter an undemocratic government.”

Our right to bear arms shall not be infringed, violated, invalidated.  Specifically, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The ill that befalls our nation is not due to weaponry that is available to cause harm to another; it’s due to individual choices, based on levels of sanity, integrity and morality. Certainly, many items and substances could be used as weapons: Knives, bombs, bows and arrows, drones, etc. What else should be banned from ownership and use?

“But for all the attention they receive, mass killings still accounted for only a tiny fraction — about 1% — of all the Americans who were murdered…during five years, more died from migraines and falling out of chairs than were murdered by mass killers, according to death records kept by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Where do we start to cure the ill nature of singular deranged people? A vehicle in such a madman’s hands could be equally as dangerous in certain settings. Responsible Americans will not allow restrictive gun control measures quick passage during the holiday season. It’s time to slow down and be sure that we’re safeguarding common sense about gun control during such a time of heightened emotion and distraction. Your family’s lives may depend on it.

President Obama Delivers Gun Control Statement

In the aftermath of a deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Conn., President Obama addresses the nation on gun control and also talks about ongoing fiscal negotiations.

Gun Control Debate

Going After Guns: ‘You can’t have police state & armed population’
President Barack Obama has made a move towards stronger gun control in the U.S. The proposal comes after the mass shooting at the Sandy Hook elementary school that took the lives of 26 people, including 20 children.

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